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Arc Effects Klone V2 is an exceptional recreation of the famed Klon overdrive pedal which is known for it's unbeatable clean boost, an incredible dynamic overdrive sound, very responsive to your pick attack and volume knob and the ability to stand out in the mix. The Arc Effects Klone V2 has all the characteristics of the original Klon circuit by using premium components, attentive wiring and uses the exact part for part values as the original.

That's not all, the Arc Effects Klone V2 takes this well renowned incredible circuit one step further with the addition of an internal DIP switch for an added bass boost option. This is a great feature that really adds to the versatility of the Klone V2 pedal. With the DIP switch in the off position you have an unaltered Klone but when the DIP switch on the Klone V2 is engaged you have a fatter full frequency overdrive sound which takes an already great circuit one step further.

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Arc Effects Klone V2
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