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Guitar FX direct first hit the airwaves in 2011; the culmination of our collective enthusiasm for playing with sound. Our small team of guitar and effects pedal aficionados are dedicated to bringing our fellow pedalheads some of the best in guitar and bass boutique effects pedals. Between us, the team at guitar FX direct have years of experience playing the guitar and countless hours tweaking our sounds; it is with this breadth of knowledge we have selected our fine palate of boutique and artisan effects pedals. The company was founded to extend our love of making noise into a business with the ultimate aim of supplying the best, if somewhat lesser known pedals from boutique designers around the globe, some of which had not previously been available online in the UK. Above all our passion for tone, style and playability is poured into carefully selecting our pedals providing guitarists and bassists access to world-renowned, boutique effects pedals online in the UK. 

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A brief history of guitar effects pedals.

Many consider the guitar effects pedal a relatively new idea. However, since early blues-men first swiped an empty beer bottle across their strings, there has been an ongoing love affair with creating innovative sounds and textures. Effects pedals which remain stalwarts are firmly rooted in studio experiments conducted during the 1950s and 60s. The all-time classicdistortion started as razor slashes into a speaker cone, rasping the sound into saw-toothed fury; emulating iconic amps of the day turned up to 11. This simple technique has spawned all manner of distortion, fuzz and overdrive pedals and is easily the most popular and recognisable guitar effect.

It is similarly difficult to imagine a world without echo, modulation, delayand reverb - all originally studio technicians mucking around with tapes and microphone placement. Squeezing the results of these experiments into handy footswitches gave guitarists a previously unimagined soundscape to play with, creating some of the most iconic guitar sounds in music history. Manufacturers have since mangled and remodelled sound waves to produce an inexhaustible supply of compressors, pre-amps, wah-wah and chorus. Control of a guitarists sound was no longer at the behest of an amp or an engineer, but was controllable by the turn of a knob and the tap of a foot. Far greater advances in pedal technology, through digital circuitry, enabled development of comprehensive multi-effects units which incorporate amp modelling and patch programming. Despite the ease of these digital masterpieces, guitarists everywhere still relish the unique sonic versatility of individual and boutique effects pedals.

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We LOVE effects pedals and we want to share that love with you. We tirelessly search for new innovations, aesthetically pleasing pedals and perfect tone. Our hand-picked range is constantly updated with great new pedals from far-flung locations. Our customer service is second to none – as our customer reviews will testify. We answer all queries with the same enthusiasm we apply to product selection and we love to hear from you so drop us an email and we promise to answer within 24 hours. With something for every style, ability and taste, Guitar FX Direct is the only place to buy the best boutique effects pedals online in the UK and Europe.

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