Electric Guitar 31/05/2020

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the right electric guitar?

With so many varieties of electric guitars with various feature specification available on the market, it can be quite tricky to choose the right electric guitar. Whether your intent as a buyer is to play the guitar professional or jam in the basement with friends, it’s vital to get a guitar that is appropriately sized, matches up with the budding player’s musical aspirations. So, in this list, we are aiming to cover all the electric guitar buying tips to help you pick the right electric guitar choice for you, based... Read More


Guitar tuners: the unsung heroes of the guitarist’s toolkit

By Dave Tudor of https://makingmusicpro.com It seems like electronic guitar tuners have been around forever but of course in relative terms they are something of a new innovation. Traditional methods like pitch pipes and tuning forks span centuries, but in days of yore and even in more recent times, there was less emphasis on tuning to concert pitch. When bands emerged in the 1960s, it was far more important to be in tune with each other than to any reference point. That was certainly the case with me. I began... Read More

8 Types of Guitar Pedals – And What They Do

Pedals are used by guitar players to experiment with effects, learn an instrument’s sound capabilities and, most important of all, create unique sounds. They are the ultimate tool a modern player will use to shape their tone and produce those noticeable sounds that riff lovers know and love. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced player, just bought your first electric guitar or are trying to find the perfect gift for a beloved muso, pedals can be a daunting topic to approach. With so many choices available, it can be hard... Read More

Acoustic Guitar 12/12/2019

Choosing the Right Replacement Strings for Your Acoustic Guitar

The strings on an acoustic guitar affect how it sounds and plays. Some steel strings are easy on a beginner’s fingers while some are not, and some strings go well with a particular guitar while some don’t, making the sound either too tinny or lackluster. In these cases, it’s recommended to change the strings to a set that would better suit the guitar as well as your playing style and level of comfort. Low-cost acoustic guitars for beginners may not always have the best strings installed on them, which is... Read More

Are Private Guitar Lessons Worth The Money? Here’s our Guide for Beginners

A quick search for “online guitar lessons” will reveal thousands of results for how to play the guitar. Although there certainly isn’t a shortage of lessons out there, for many students, it can be exhausting to sort through countless video guitar lessons to find the one with the useful information they are looking for. Being a beginner, you shouldn’t rely on pre-recorded lessons alone to learn the art of playing the instrument as it can be challenging to determine whether you are or aren’t getting sufficient and accurate information. Beginners... Read More

Guitar FX Direct 20/10/2019

Introducing the New & Improved Guitar FX Direct Website

At Guitar FX Direct, we’re all about making the world’s best guitar pedals more accessible across the UK and Europe. That’s why we’ve given our site a complete overhaul, with all kinds of new features to help you find the right guitar effects pedals for you. Read on to see what’s changed and how you can get a celebratory 10% discount… Fast and responsive There’s nothing worse than a sluggish website. That’s especially the case when you’re craving distortion, delay and fuzz from a new guitar effects pedal. Our new... Read More

Guitar Amp 13/10/2019

Best Guitar Accessories for Intermediate Beginners

It is exciting for every guitar lover to have a brand new guitar. When you buy a new guitar, you need some accessories to play it easily and comfortably. Some must-have accessories enable users to hold and play the guitar conveniently. Accessories help guitarists to play the guitar quickly and focus on the technique of playing. There are many guitar accessories available in the guitar stores. However, you don’t need all of them to play as a beginner. This post shares the best guitar accessories for immediate beginners. Guitar tuner... Read More

Hologram Electronics Dream sequence 26/08/2018

Hologram Electronics – Knoxville’s Sonic Scientist’s

It hasn’t taken long for Hologram Electronics to get noticed on the audio effects scene. Having launched in 2015, the relative newbies have already seen their pedals described as mind-blowing and extraordinary by Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien. Understandably, it’s got plenty of guitar enthusiasts curious about the self-described “wild ass handmade audio effects” company from Knoxville, Tennessee. In this post, we’ll introduce the people behind the brand, their powerful, unique products and what it is that’s got everyone going crazy for Hologram Electronics. Made in Knoxville Like many start-ups, Hologram Electronics... Read More

Getting to Know AC Noises

At Guitar FX Direct, we love introducing new effects pedals to guitar lovers in the UK. Whether you’re an industry expert, seasoned gigging musician or dedicated amateur, we’re committed to providing new brands and the best sounds. And the latest on that list is AC Noises, an exciting effects pedal company based in Italy. But what sets them apart in an increasingly oversaturated effects pedal market? We spoke to founders Andrea and Claudia to find out more about AC Noises, the ethos behind the brand and what the future holds……..... Read More


What’s All the Fuzz About? A Closer Look at Dwarfcraft Devices

Founded in 2007, Dwarfcraft Devices have firmly established themselves as one of the more original players in the effects pedal scene. Scratch the surface and you’ll find a company that’s renowned for their fuzz-based distortion. However, dig deeper and there’s a whole world of cutting-edge products and unique sounds. Read on as we discuss what’s on offer from Dwarfcraft Devices…   Controlled chaos  If we had to describe Dwarfcraft Devices in a few words, we’d say: chaotic, experimental but, all in all, in control. And that would go some way... Read More