November 2013


Shake up your pedalboard with Earthquaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices are certainly making a big impact at the moment. The Ohio-based brand has become widely known for its awesome fuzz pedals, principally its Hoof Fuzz device. Fuss-free and easy to use, this device has become well-renowned for its versatility, producing a stunning array of dynamic tones for every set-up from bedroom to studio and stage. The Hoof Fuzz is a germanium/silicon hybrid fuzz which is based on the character of the classic green Russian muff, capable of creating everything from dirty and organic overdrive to monstrous fuzz madness. Building... Read More


“Stompbox or Multi Effects”….

Dedicated effect pedals over multi guitar effects, what are the benefits? Recent technological advances within the past few years have once again ignited the debate that has raged between guitarists (and the musical community at large) when it comes to their sound and choice of guitar effects; which are better, multi-effects units or individual, dedicated effects pedals? From speaking to guitarists through our work supplying bass and guitar effects, we tend to find that whilst many players are attracted to the idea of using a multi-effect unit due to the... Read More


Mr Black Pedals

Boutique pedal builders Mr Black are back, with a soaking wet spring reverb and tremolo effect known as the Deluxe Plus. Of course, we know all about Mr Black’s pedigree here, having been the first supplier to distribute Mr Black UK wide, all the way from rainy Oregon. Once again, Mr Black has delivered a pedal which would make a unique addition to anybody’s board, regardless of genre preferences. The Deluxe Plus essentially brings the classic 50’s US valve amplifier tone to the modern age, and makes an ideal choice... Read More


Black Arts Toneworks New Look Pharaoh

“Unleash the fuzz.” This motif could be the company motto of Black Arts Toneworks, a brand which specialises in producing rich, dark growls from the depths of a guitar player’s heart. Black Arts Toneworks themselves claim to have their pedals firmly rooted in the DNA of “classic fuzz” but with a few surprises added to the repertoire. The basic premise of Black Arts was to bring to guitarists, and bassists, a pedal that could increase gain while emphasising the essential tone of both instrument and amp, without excessive dulling of... Read More

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