December 2013


December news

In a never ending search for the best in boutique, our stock roll is something like a living, breathing entity. With so many new playthings, a tour of the shelves seems appropriate. First up is the reintroduction of VFE Pedals, a relatively new company but with a solid reputation for quality, hand-made effects. They are perhaps best known for a warm tonal range (especially on the mods and phasers) and a six control layout – something developed almost by accident. This layout makes VFEs the ideal toy for a player who... Read More


Introducing JHS Boutique Pedals

A true string-slinger is never really comfortable without his foot hovering over a bank of guitar effects. Although undoubtedly still relevant, traditional pedals and boards are giving way to the rising popularity of boutique pedals. We therefore feel duty bound to keep on sourcing the best on offer and are pleased to introduce JHS Pedals. JHS is a company founded by accident. According to founder Josh Scott, while repairing a Boss blues driver, he conceived not only the company’s bespoke range but also identified a niche for mods to more... Read More

An Introduction to Guitar Effects Pedals

Distortion Boxes   Distortion boxes are the most popular and variable of all the guitar effects pedals and they range from a smooth, tubular effect to the nastiest, dirtiest, overdriven sound imaginable. One of the earliest examples of a distortion pedal being used is on the Stones’ classic ‘Satisfaction’. These days, most bands will use distortion pedals at some point, whether they play rockabilly, punk or death metal.   Wah Pedals   The popularity of wah-wah pedals seems to fluctuate periodically for some reason, but there is no doubt that... Read More