January 2014


Death By Audio Ghost Delay

We like to think of our collection of boutique boxes as extensive and eclectic; which is not to say we do not have our favourites. Firmly fixed in the top ten are some (if not all) from Brooklyn based Death by Audio. If the name sounds familiar, it is hardly a surprise. Death by Audio, one of the longest serving independents, has supplied to Nine Inch Nails and U2 and with a successful side-line as musicians and impresarios are no strangers to the loud and live. This mix of talents... Read More


Delay Pedals

How do you like your delay? Few would argue that delay is as much an integral part of most rigs as overdrive or the amp. Strangely, the development of delay started in the orchestra as some twentieth century composers, the first to be able to record their compositions, began to experiment with layered sound effects. The first, slightly unwieldy, delays relied on tape and magnet technology so although their rich, warm sounds can be heard on studio recordings it was some time before delay was available at the touch of... Read More


Wampler Pedals

Once again, you lucky guys and gals, we have been scouring the globe to bring you some mind-blowing new toys and we think Wampler Pedals will more than do the job. It is surprising how many of the brands we stock were developed as a circumstance of fate, for want of a better word. Wampler is no exception. Founder and developer Brian Wampler was an accomplished guitarist with a promising career but a passion for adapting pedals. Soldering iron in hand he soon moved to designing his own aiming to... Read More

Which guitar effects pedals should no guitarist be without?

When you are just starting out as a guitarist, you have a lot to learn. You don’t just need to master your instrument – you also need to start to learn about guitar effects, pedals, amplifiers, monitors and all sorts of other stage equipment. It can be quite daunting, but don’t think that you need one of every single pedal straight away. Of course, as you get better and start to explore different styles and genres you will want to grow your pedal collection, but when you are just starting... Read More