March 2014

Blackout Effectors – Guitar FX Direct

Something true of all guitarists is their propensity to lock themselves in darkened rooms and fiddle with knobs. Of course we mean the hours spent crafting their sound so for the ultimate darkened room experience we suggest a few hours with Blackout Effectors. This State-side company promise, and deliver, hand crafted effects suitable for any taste and while there are few surprises in the range, there is clearly a lot of thought and love involved. Blackout’s owner, Kyle Tompkins, is himself an aficionado of experimental and psychedelic rock and this... Read More


New in From Mojo Hand FX

Within the pantheon of solid state and boutique effects, a few brand’s new releases always cause a bit of a stir; mostly because these brands are the epitome of quality, playability and versatility. This year so far, one of the biggest names to be rocking the guitar expos, and indeed our shelves here at Guitar FX Direct is Mojo Hand FX. With four new releases fresh from the soldering table, Mojo Hand has launched 2014 with two new pre-amps, a spring reverb and a mod/delay. For those already in the... Read More