January 2016


JHS Pedals Muffuletta and more…….

It was a big 2015 for JHS pedals as they continue to innovate and hold down their place amongst the movers and shakers in the boutique guitar fx industry. One of our favourite releases from JHS last year has to be the Unicorn, capable of that classic Univibe modulation but also an all wet Vibrato setting that has all that subtle warped to extreme sea sick tones and plenty more to experiment with all with tap tempo…. Another big plus for us from the JHS crew last year has to... Read More


Welcome 2016

It’s been a busy old December, we hope you all enjoyed the holiday season! We’ve added a few new brands over the last month or so and also started to expand our range of accessories so wanted to keep you guys up to date:   Deep Trip pedals out of Brazil are all about that classic Vintage Tone and have done a great job with their Kryptone and Bog pedals. If you like original circuits but still want a taste of that 60’s/70’s sound take a look.   Fresh in... Read More