Latest at Guitar FX Direct HQ

Its been a busy first half of the year at Guitar FX Direct, with many new pedals hitting the shelves.

Dwarfcraft Devices released both the Twin Stags Double Tremolo and the Necromancer Fuzz. As you’d imagine from Dwarfcraft’s first foray into the modulation market, the Twin Stags is pretty crazy. But in a great way. The musicality you can get out of it, particularly when using an expression pedal, is an unexpected joy.IMG_0398

Since we took Alexander Pedals on board in 2015, they have proven to be popular, and so they should, they are quality. We’ve become big fans. Since our last post at the beginning of 2016 we have obtained 4 new Alexander pedals this year. The La Calavera phaser, Jubilee Silver Overdrive, Super Radical Delay, and Oblivion Vintage Delay. The La Calavera in particular is making waves, quickly becoming a leading phaser on the market.

Malekko continue to make class boutique pedals, and their two most recent additions are no exception. Despite the Scrutator Sample Rate and Bit Reduction Pedal being released at the end of 2015, it still deserves a mention. One for the experimentalist, the Scrutator is anything but your average bit crusher and with expression control, it can take your signal reduction to a whole new level. The Charlie Foxtrot Digital Buffer/Granular Pedal, a signature pedal for Peter Holmström from The Dandy Warhols, is one of the coolest and most fun new pedals we have introduced this year. It has so much sound potential, the possibilities are literIMG_0106ally endless.IMG_0074

We have taken on several more new pedals so far this year including the classic muff sounding fuzz the Shepherd from Arc Effects, the Darkglass Electronics Microtube B7K Ultra, and Fuzzrocious’ first delay offering Anomalies and their EQ Tone Shaper Feed Me.

The boutique pedal industry is still growing and going from strength to strength and we are excited to see what will be becoming next……


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