Hologram Electronics Now at Guitar FX Direct

We’re delighted to have added Hologram Electronics to our line up. Their first offering, the innovative Dream Sequence is now shipping and as soon as the guys at Hologram electronics HQ open up their second release to dealers, the Infinite Jets, that will be on the way also.

The Dream Sequence sounds amazing what ever you put through it, be that guitar, bass, keyboard. It’s a new kind of pedal that is difficult to categorize as it’s a sequencer, envelope shaper, sampler, pitch shifter and much much more. It’s sure to inspire as you create synth like arpeggios, pulsating sub octave distortion, beautiful shimmering other worldly chord washes, the new sounds in this box of tricks are limitless. Unique tremolo and arpeggiator patterns at moderate tempos, atmospheric effects at slow tempos and crazy wild modulation at high speed are all to be had as the Dream sequnce pitch shifts your instrument up or down one octave.

The Dream Sequence will inspire the user to create chaotic, sometimes unexpected sounds but fortunately any sound you create or indeed modify can be saved instantly to the saved preset bank and recalled.

There are plenty of cool sounds and hours of experimentation to be had with the Dream Sequence, we’re all looking forward to the Infinite Jets…

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