What’s All the Fuzz About? A Closer Look at Dwarfcraft Devices

Founded in 2007, Dwarfcraft Devices have firmly established themselves as one of the more original players in the effects pedal scene.

Scratch the surface and you’ll find a company that’s renowned for their fuzz-based distortion. However, dig deeper and there’s a whole world of cutting-edge products and unique sounds.

Read on as we discuss what’s on offer from Dwarfcraft Devices…


Controlled chaos

 If we had to describe Dwarfcraft Devices in a few words, we’d say: chaotic, experimental but, all in all, in control. And that would go some way to painting the picture of this Wisconsin brand. On their support page, you’ll find countless FAQs about whether pedals are broken because they are noisy, self-oscillating and screaming.

The answer? Probably not. Just turn all the knobs down, then turn each of them up slowly to find what was causing the chaos. Their no-nonsense approach is epitomised by a non-existent returns policy. Just buy from one of their retail partners if you’re unsure, they explain.

Good time to mention the hassle-free returns policy at Guitar FX, right?

Dwarfcraft Devices Guitar Pedals

 Dwarfcraft pedals are marketed as new machines for new music. And nothing reflects this bold statement more than The Great Destroyer. As the name suggests, this fierce pedal can and will grab, twist and shape your sound however it sees fit. Expect incredible fuzz that’s deep, defined and beautifully devastating.

It’s designed to scream, oscillate and create chaos. But how it does so is determined by you. From the electrical wiring to each tiny adjustment to the volume and tone knobs and of course your guitar, every choice you make will create a new sound to play with, soak up and enjoy.

Latest releasesDwarfcraft Devices Grazer

 Two of Dwarfcraft’s latest releases show that there’s more to their guitar pedals than full frontal noise. The Grazer is a truly innovative machine that works with grains of sound to add a completely new dimension to your sound. Taking micro-samples of your input, the Grazer repeats, loops and manipulates these grains of sound to create a deeper, richer output.


Dwarfcraft Devices Ghost FaxThen there’s the Ghost Fax – a self-proclaimed phase computer. This pedal goes way beyond a traditional phaser, with myriad features packed in. It starts with four modes of operation – Standard, Manual, Envelope Up and Envelope Down – which switch from an old-fashioned phaser to more complex, controlled phasing modes.

The Poles knob adds another layer of variety, with sixteen spots on the dial and 32 poles on the pedal, while Feedback, Action and Pause controls allow users to truly personalise their output. The best part? Hold down the Pause and Bypass switches for an additional bank of ‘secret settings’.

Start your experiment

 Dwarfcraft Devices encapsulate experimental music. They’re used by guitarists, bass players and synths alike to create unique, personalised sounds full of glitch, synth and fuzz.

Ready to start your experiment? Guitar FX stocks a range of Dwarfcraft guitar pedals for you to choose from. Our expert team are always on hand to assist you, by phone or email. Even better, we offer fast, hassle-free delivery so you can plug in and crank up in no time.

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