Hologram Electronics – Knoxville’s Sonic Scientist’s

It hasn’t taken long for Hologram Electronics to get noticed on the audio effects scene. Having launched in 2015, the relative newbies have already seen their pedals described as mind-blowing and extraordinary by Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien. Understandably, it’s got plenty of guitar enthusiasts curious about the self-described “wild ass handmade audio effects” company from Knoxville, Tennessee.

In this post, we’ll introduce the people behind the brand, their powerful, unique products and what it is that’s got everyone going crazy for Hologram Electronics.

Made in Knoxville

Like many start-ups, Hologram Electronics spent the first months of its development confined to a living room. Founders, Jason Campbell and Ryan Schaefer, simply wanted to provide new effects options for musicians, creating previously unheard sounds.

It wasn’t until they released their first pedal that they realised just how high the demand was for these new sounds. Rhythmically blending delay, pitch shifts and loops, the Dream Sequence changed the game in terms of shaping and sculpting your own sound.

Sequencing, envelope shaping, pitch shifts and sampling – this unique pedal does it all. Shifting your guitar, bass or keyboard up and down one octave, the Dream Sequence creates unreal effects to transform your instrument.

Huge demand

So much so, in fact, that pair responsible – Campbell on hardware and Schaefer on software – couldn’t keep up with demand. While many eager customers thought the product was limited edition or overly-exclusive, Hologram simply didn’t have the infrastructure to make enough of the pedals. Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets

Soon enough, they were able to outsource production of the circuit board, speed up production and meet the growing demand for their flagship product. The next step? Launching their second pedal, Infinite Jets. Swell effects, fuzz, distortion and delay are combined to perfection on what’s becoming a staple resynthesizer.

Blends sounds with two independent channels of sampling, to sustain two notes or chords, while playing with four impressive sampling effects. Blur, synth, glitch and swell provide copious textural effects for musicians to explore and harmonise with.


Just two years on from their humble beginnings, Hologram had Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien plugging their products – as if demand wasn’t high enough.

When asked about his favourite pedals, O’Brien commented, “the one that is just blowing my mind at the moment is the Hologram Infinite Jets pedal… Oh my god! You have to google it. It’s an extraordinary pedal. Just brilliant. And they’ve got another pedal [Dream Sequence]. That one is off the scale. I’m really getting to enjoy digging deep on that.”

Looking to the future

Two pedals is unlikely to be the summit of ambition from this creative Knoxville duo. Already, their initial products have proven hugely popular, with a one-month backlog on the Dream Sequence for the entirety of its first year. Who knows what’s next? Nobody – yet. But we’re certainly excited to see a third Hologram pedal.

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