Best Guitar Accessories for Intermediate Beginners

It is exciting for every guitar lover to have a brand new guitar. When you buy a new guitar, you need some accessories to play it easily and comfortably. Some must-have accessories enable users to hold and play the guitar conveniently.

Accessories help guitarists to play the guitar quickly and focus on the technique of playing. There are many guitar accessories available in the guitar stores. However, you don’t need all of them to play as a beginner. This post shares the best guitar accessories for immediate beginners.

Guitar tuner

It is essential to tune a guitar to play the perfect tones. Playing guitar without tuning it will make it sound horrible and in extreme case make your ears bleed. So it is necessary to get a tuner to tune and play the ideal tones on your guitar. It will help you to optimize your guitar strings to obtain a perfect pitch and tone. Although some guitarists do the tuning by ear, getting electronic tuners are best for beginners.

Some tuners come with a built-in microphone to pick up the pitch, while some have inbuilt sensors that pick up the vibrations.

Extra Guitar Strings

You must have an extra set of guitar strings to avoid the situation of your strings going rogue. You don’t need to carry a spare set in your bag all the time. But when you need to go to an event or convert, you must carry an extra set of strings. Despite the availability of cheap and low-quality spare string set, you should get a high-quality string set. As you need to carry them in important events, high quality ensures that they will work and not let you down when you need them.

Guitar Picks

It is difficult for beginners to play the guitar with bare fingers. You need picks, whether you choose picking or strumming your guitar. However, selecting a pick is not as easy as choosing candies. As they are available in various sizes, materials, and shapes, you need to choose the right picks for your guitar. If you want to strum, you should buy some thin and flexible picks. On the other hand, if you prefer picking, you should get some sturdier and firmer picks for your solo debuts.

String Winder

Usually, the guitars for beginners like acoustic guitars come with a set of locking tuners. However, if you want to restring your guitar yourself, a string winder is going to help you like no other gadget. It can wrap the strings around the post conveniently than doing it with your hands. Bass guitar has a peg winder in its accessories, while many other models have built-in cutters.


Whether you have an acoustic, bass electric or electric guitar, you need cables to plug them to an amp. Cables help you to connect your guitar to an amp and get amplified sound output from your guitar. It seems so simple to plug in a guitar to an amp, but you need to consider the length and configuration of cable.

By configuration, it means the type of end pieces that are compatible with your guitar. Moreover, there are cables with straight ends, with both ends bent at 90 degrees, and others with one end straight and other at 90-degrees.

The length of a cable should be long enough to offer you a comfortable walking area from the amplifier and sound system. Usually, a length of 6 to 10 feet is enough for every space. For larger spaces, you can also get a cable up to 20 feet in length.


Amp is the short form of amplifier that is used to amplify the sound of a musical instrument. Usually, people use amps with electric guitars as their sound is not enough. There are a variety of amps available for guitars, and they vary in size, volume, power, and features. So, you need to find the right type of amplifier suitable for your guitar.

Guitar Pedals

Serious guitar players must-have pedals in their guitar accessories. To keep everything clear and organized, you should also have a pedal board in your house. There are a variety of pedals like tuner pedals, volume, effects distortion, and overdrive. So, get ready to give some rah, wah, twang, or oomph to your jig by a stompbox.

Guitar straps

Having a guitar strap is essential to keep it in place. It helps to balance the guitar and teaches you when you want to unleash your world skills. Don’t be too concerned about the type of straps to get. Just buy the one that suits your requirements. If you have a heavy guitar, a padded strap is more suitable as it does not hurt your shoulder.


A capo is a really cool accessory you’re putting on the guitar neck, and it adjusts the open strings’ pitch. You can change a song’s key, and it encourages you to play along with otherwise very hard songs. If you sing, it’s also helpful to quickly change a song’s key to help you find the right key to your voice. It is a highly useful attachment, although not necessary for every guitarist.

Gig bag

Gig bags have plenty of pockets to hold some of the other accessories as well. They are easy to throw over your shoulder and take anywhere. If you’re just going to the house of your friend for a few hours, you might want to carry your guitar in a gig bag instead of carrying in a hard case. While choosing between a gig bag and a hard case, you should consider the places where you need to take your guitar. A hard case offers more protection, while a gig bag offers more storage and flexibility.

Final Words

These are some guitar accessories for beginners. All these accessories are available in guitar stores. However, you can also find them in online marketplaces and offline stores. Getting these accessories will make playing and handling a guitar easily and conveniently for beginners.

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