JHS Pedals Muffuletta and more…….

It was a big 2015 for JHS pedals as they continue to innovate and hold down their place amongst the movers and shakers in the boutique guitar fx industry. One of our favourite releases from JHS last year has to be the Unicorn, capable of that classic Univibe modulation but also an all wet Vibrato setting that has all that subtle warped to extreme sea sick tones and plenty more to experiment with all with tap tempo…. Another big plus for us from the JHS crew last year has to... Read More


Welcome 2016

It’s been a busy old December, we hope you all enjoyed the holiday season! We’ve added a few new brands over the last month or so and also started to expand our range of accessories so wanted to keep you guys up to date:   Deep Trip pedals out of Brazil are all about that classic Vintage Tone and have done a great job with their Kryptone and Bog pedals. If you like original circuits but still want a taste of that 60’s/70’s sound take a look.   Fresh in... Read More


Alexander Pedals. Great Tones. Doing Good.

Even though the summer has come to an end and we are now in the second half of the year, we are still committed to expanding our range of brands that fit in to the ethos of what we are all about. Bringing the best quality hand made boutique effects units from around the world to the UK and European market. We are delighted to welcome Alexander Pedals to our line up. We are 100% behind their mission statement of ‘Great tones. Doing good.’ If you buy Alexander Pedals gear,... Read More

Dwarfcraft Devices, Catalinbread, and JHS Pedals new additions

Here at Guitar FX Direct we are always striving to stock the newest and most exciting effect pedals on the market, therefore our range is always expanding and evolving with the times. The last few weeks have been no exception with the arrival of new additions from Dwarfcraft Devices, JHS Pedals, and Catalinbread, not to mention also the arrival of the new Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer Distortion pedal as discussed in our last blog piece. From Dwarfcraft Devices we have added the ARF. ARF stands for Attack, Release, Filter.  As... Read More


Introducing The Waveformer Destroyer from Death By Audio

Death By Audio have announced their first new pedal of 2015, the Waveformer Destroyer. It’s a 4-stomp, all analogue distortion pedal with almost limitless combinations of Fuzz, Overdrive and mayhem. We think the Waveformer Destroyer  will be a dream come true for artists looking to push the extreme possibilities that a distortion pedal can go. It’s also ideally suited to touring musicians, tired of being forced to remember a million knob settings, only to become bored and frustrated by the tone combinations available. And studio players will love the ability... Read More


Fuzzrocious Pedals

Fuzzrocious represents everything we love about handmade, boutique guitar gear. Building a company from the ground up where each pedal is made with a dedication to the craft and the passion for the music it helps create. The Ratajski family is Fuzzrocious Pedals and they are based out of their home in Mount Laurel, NJ (USA). Ryan designs the circuits, solders, and runs the social media/email. Shannon paints the enclosures. Kaeden and Raeven paint the “kidpainted” pedals, making it a genuine family run business. Not only are their pedals some of... Read More


Old Blood Noise Endeavors

We are a big fan of Old Blood Noise Endeavors. We love the things they are doing as a company, so we are delighted that our first delivery from them has arrived today and they have hit the shelves at Guitar Fx Direct. Old Blood Noise Endeavors, based out of Oklahoma USA, currently have a line up of three uniquely different pedals, all of which offer any type of guitarist a plethora of tones to choose from. From simple sweet reverb tones to full on complex Sci-Fi filtery weirdness of... Read More


Red Panda Raster has landed

Red Panda are renowned market leaders when it comes to innovative new sound. Their granular delay/pitch shifting pedal, the Particle, has been blowing peoples minds for a couple of years. The Particle chops your signal into small grains, using the techniques of granular synthesis in real time. Results range from radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds. The Particle has had little in way of competition for the the experimentalist connoisseur due to its seemingly unending soundscape possibilities. Red Panda must of decided that a little... Read More


Exciting times for 2015 at Guitar FX Direct

A lot of exciting things have happened at Guitar FX Direct since our last blog post. We have moved into a new shop premises, launched an upgraded website with an additional mobile friendly version available, all the while continuing to add new exciting brands to our ever expanding line up such as Pedal Projects, with Old Blood Noise Endeavors and Fuzzrocious due to arrive in the coming weeks. We are also continuing to ensure we stock all the latest releases from our existing brands. So keep an eye out for... Read More

Catalinbread Belle Epoch 27/05/2014

Catalinbread Now In Stock

With a little urge to further explore the beautiful landscape of boutique guitar effects we travel far and wide so you don’t have to. Our latest adventure took us to the far flung corners of the United Sates and crumbs! We discovered the truly mouth-watering taste of Catalinbread. Hailing from Portland Oregon and with the musical provenance of the North West US flowing in their veins it is unsurprising that Catalinbread Effects pedals have more than a nod to the crisp tones of the blues and the more sublime darkness... Read More