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Darkglass Electronics 

Overview of Darkglass Electronics


It is fair to say that many of the best in boutique guitar effects hail from the States, so once in a 

while something a bit closer to home refreshes the shelves at Guitar FX Direct. Hailing from Finland 

and bringing a sense of heavy metal gloom (remember Lordi?) is the bass pedal powerhouse of 

Darkglass Electronics. 

Darkglass is currently celebrating its 5th

 birthday – and many happy returns. Founded at the request 

of a friend, Darkglass Electronics has risen to capture a sense of nostalgia in the imaginations of 

countless bass players. 

Darkglass do not deal in compromise; this is tone as raw, rich and dark as it comes. 


Darkglass Electronics products 


Darkglass revel in all things vintage, harking back to the days of classic rock and metal pulling at the 

tendrils of The Who and Black Sabbath but make no mistake the pedals are as up to date as they 

come. For the discerning bass player Darkglass’ small but perfectly formed catalogue offers a tube 

driven sound in a stylish, if simple, footswitch. 

Both the Microtubes range and the vintage deluxe pedal blend tone control and usability into one 

convenient package, with a seemingly endless range. This is not so much amp-simulation as 

beautifully crafted homage to beautifully crafted tone. 

Although there is a distinct bass leaning from Darkglass, the pedals are at home with a six-string as 

well, with the Vintage having a guitar specific model; perfect pre-amps and effervescent effects to 

make the mouth water. 


Darkglass effects at guitar FX direct 


Guitar FX Direct is the home of effects pedals online in the UK and offer the full range of Darkglass Effects pedals. Enter the dark side, wake up the neighbours and get the furniture trembling with some razor-toothed bottom end from Darkglass Electronics at guitarfxdirect.com.