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Deep Trip now available in the UK and Europe at Guitar FX Direct. Here's what Deep Trip have to say about there story and journey so far....

Deep Trip is mainly about vintage guitar tone. It may sound too obvious, but it is not so much, because I mean TONE rather than circuits or parts. What I mean is, as much as I understand and greatly respect all those guys that make a fantastic job on replicas, we never wanted to replicate old circuits as they supposedly came out of the factories. That’s because we never believed it was enough to reach the tones of our guitar idols (Hendrix, Page, Clapton, Gilmour, name yours). There were always experienced electronic techs around (Mayer, Diaz, Cornish etc.) to mod pedals and amps or even rebuild from the ground up! There was also some fantastic production and tech work on recordings, both in studio and live. And there still is, just look at the tons of rack equipment carried all around. Those stories are available to anyone, told on books, magazines and on the internet as well. So why bother to stick to the factory circuit? I don’t really care about the exact circuit, I care about the tone, that’s what I meant up there. To me, using your ears is far more important than sticking to the old drawings. It can surely give you hints and main paths to the tones you seek, but if you stop there, it’s just halfway to heaven. You’ve got to use your ears, dig a little deeper and put your brains to work in order to get the real gold.

         Besides, we’re using lots of different stuff compared to the old days and we’re using them in new ways. We have far more companies and products out there, we have digital and analog stuff, we have buffered, unbuffered and true-bypassed units, we’re assembling big boards of several boxes altogether, we have lots of different amps, guitars, pickups and even onboard preamps and all sorts of gadgets. We surely want vintage tones, but do we need vintage compromises? If we can put those vintage souls inside evolved bodies, so they can work and sound properly inserted in that contemporary situation, why shouldn’t we? Since the tones are preserved, of course. And then we add some more knobs to expand tonal possibilities while keeping operation simple and intuitive. That’s what we do with our “Fuzz sapiens” concept. No matter how cheap, one-trick ponies are always expensive for just one trick, so I wanna make sure my ponies have plenty of them.

         Lately we’re expanding our horizons to add some original overdrive and distortion boxes to the line, spearheads being the Stormy Monday and the Tornado Tuesday. Those have been developed to fill gaps I see in the current pedal market, largely occupied by those compact and quite boring units that bring that “hmmm-I-think-I’ve-heard-this-before” feeling. Stormy and Tornado were brought in to add some different colors to that palette; wild colors seen and heard in records, but not currently available in pedals.

         And being a 21st century company, we want to encourage everyone to reduce toxic waste, so drop the old batteries if you can and get yourself a nice and clean, regulated wall-wart power supply. It will give you consistent voltage for consistent tone everywhere, anytime, so there’s no compromise on that, only advantages. And most guitar players nowadays carry at least a few pedals around anyway, just get one box that feeds all and you’re covered. Leave the battery option for when portability is mandatory (when you can’t take your power supply with you).

         After all that, I want you to know that I’d never bother to make anything that is already being made properly by someone else out there. You won’t see Deep Trip expanding the line with another simple phaser like that one out there, or another option of that best selling overdrive with a couple of component changes. No, I’ll only release products that can add something to the guitar shop shelves. Boxes that can make something different or something better than what every other competitor offers. That’s the only reason I see for releasing new pedals.