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Death By Audio are well known for their killer distortion and fuzz infused delay pedals but have now added a Reverb pedal to their ranks. The Reverberation Machine, as Death By Audio put it, is a synthetic atmosphere creator which can be used on any instrument to add depth and simulate various environments. The Reverberation Machine is perfect for experimenting with as it has the ability to combine a variety of settings such is the versatility of this reverb pedal. With controls for Volume, Altitude, Reverb ( which goes to 125% ), blend and also two distinct reverb flavors at the flick of a toggle switch, Dark Star and Bright Sunshine. Death By Audio have created an exceptional atmospheric pedal in the Reverberation Machine, from simple vintage amp verb simulation, to hall reverb to other worldly soundscapes and everything in between.

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Death By Audio Reverberation Machine
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