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Boost Pedals – Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a boost and distortion?

  • Boost increases the signal that goes into your amplifier.
  • This may or may not push your amp into overdrive. It will depend upon the design of the amplifier and the type of pedal that you have.
  • A distortion pedal will create distortion to the signal actually within the pedal. So the difference is subtle and the outcome can be the same but will be less amp dependent

What kind of sound can I expect?

  • Boosting your signal pedal gives a louder and more “present” sound.
  • Some will drive and amp to clipping
  • Others add a slight EQ top boost to help cut through. Think Brian May et al.

Where should it be in the signal path?

  • Before your other distortion pedals to get an even more distorted sound
  • At the end to maintain levels of crunch whilst getting a volume boost for solos etc