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Buffer Pedals – Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a buffer pedal work?

  • A buffer pedal converts the high-impedance guitar signal to a low-impedance signal that is less susceptible to signal loss.
  • The low-impedance signal can then be more effectively transmitted through the various components in the signal chain, resulting in better overall tone and clarity.

What kind of sound can I expect from a buffer pedal?

  • It should be neutral, although some people who have gotten used to a degraded signal, may find they add “ brightness”. Everything is relative!

What is capacitance?

  • This is an electrical phenomenon where, in this case, resistance to earth differs at different frequencies. Capacitors pass high frequency signal.
  • So, if there is capacitance in the system, high frequencies are more likely passed to earth and lost, thus making the sound muddier.

Where should it be in the signal path?

  • Buffer pedals can be used in various positions within a signal chain, including at the beginning of the chain, after certain pedals, or even at the end of the chain before the amplifier.