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Compressors – Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a compressor pedal work?

  • A compressor pedal works by applying a gain reduction to the guitar signal when it exceeds a certain threshold.
  • This helps to even out the signal, resulting in a more consistent sound with less variation in volume.
  • There are a number of electronic methods of achivieng compression ie using FETs, VCAs and optical circuitry.

Why would I use a compressor pedal?

  • A compressor pedal can be used to add sustain to guitar notes without additional distortion.
  • Create that very even tone that country players love.
  • Even out a bass sound, making it more consistent and “solid”.

What are the different types of compressor pedals?

  • There are several types of compressor pedals, including optical, FET, and VCA compressors. Each type has its own unique characteristics and sound.

Can a compressor pedal be used with other effects pedals?

  • Yes, a compressor pedal can be used with other effects pedals to create a wide range of guitar tones and sounds.

What are some popular compressor pedal models?