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Delay Pedals – Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of delay pedals?

  • There are several types of delay pedals, including analogue, digital, tape echo, and reverse delay.
  • Each type has its own unique characteristics and sound.
  • Many manufacturers seek to mimic the sound of the early effects such as tape echo oil can delays

What is the difference between analogue and digital delay?

  • Analogue uses analogue circuits to create the delay effect, resulting in a warm and natural sound.
  • Digital pedals use digital signal processing to create the delay effect, allowing for more precise control over the parameters of the effect.

What is a tap tempo function?

  • A tap tempo function allows the user to set the delay time of the pedal by tapping a button or footswitch in time with the music, rather than adjusting the delay time manually.

What are some common features found on delay pedals?

Some common features include delay time, feedback, and level controls, as well as options for adding modulation, filtering, and other effects to the delayed signal.

Where should a it go in the signal chain?

  • As a general rule, delay pedals are typically placed after distortion and overdrive pedals, but before modulation and time-based effects like chorus and reverb.
  • The most common signal chain for a guitar pedalboard would be: Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Compressor > Distortion/Overdrive > Delay > Modulation > Reverb > Amplifier