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Wah Pedals FAQs

How do I use a wah pedal?

  • A traditional, foot-operated pedal just needs the foot pedal itself operated back and forward to sweep the frequency.
  • Underneath the pedal itself, is a footswitch that turns the effect on an off

What is an auto-wah pedal?

  • This pedal automatically controls the wah effect based on the input signal, rather than being controlled by a foot pedal, like a traditional wah.
  • The auto-wah automatically adjusts the frequency of the effect when you play, creating a dynamic and expressive sound.
  • This can be particularly useful for guitarists who want to add a touch of funk or other rhythmic elements to their playing.

What is cocked wah?

  • “Cocked wah” refers to a specific setting that creates a fixed tone.
  • With a cocked wah, the pedal is placed in a fixed position, usually somewhere in the midrange of the pedal’s sweep, and left there to create a unique and distinctive tone.
  • The term “cocked” means the pedal is “cocked” or locked into a specific position, rather than being moved up and down to create the typical wah effect.