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Flanger Pedal FAQs

What is the difference between a flanger and a chorus pedal?

  • Both create a sweeping, modulated sound, but they use different techniques to achieve this effect.
  • A chorus pedal creates a sound by duplicating the original signal and varying the pitch of the duplicate signal slightly.
  • A flanger, on the other hand, creates its sound by delaying the signal slightly and then mixing it back in with the original signal.
  • The resulting sound is similar, but a flanger creates a more pronounced, jet-like swooshing sound.

What is the difference between a flanger and a phaser?

  • A phaser uses an all-pass filter to create its sound. It splits the incoming guitar signal into two paths, one of which is delayed slightly and then mixed back with the original signal. (See above for description of flanging).
  • The resulting sound has a series of notches and peaks in the frequency spectrum that produce a subtle, swirling sound.
  • Overall, flangers tend to produce a more dramatic effect, while phasers produce a more subtle , swirling sound.