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Overdrive Pedal FAQs

How does an overdrive pedal work?

  • An overdrive pedal works by boosting the signal of the guitar, which causes it to clip and create a distorted sound.

Where should overdrive be in the signal chain?

  • Typically, overdrive is placed before any time-based effects such as delay or reverb.
  • Putting them after delays etc can cause the overdrive to sound messy and indistinct.

What types of overdrive pedals are there?

  • Well, there are many designs. Below are a few examples that have inspired current designs:
  • Tube screamer – Known for its mid-range boost and smooth overdrive, it is popular in blues and rock.
  • Bluesbreaker – Similar to the tube screamer, but with a more open and transparent sound. Often used for blues and classic rock.
  • Klon Centaur – Known for its transparent overdrive and high headroom, it can be used for a variety of genres.