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Synth Pedals – Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of sounds can be produced with a synth guitar pedal?

  • Synth guitar pedals can produce a variety of sounds, from classic analogue synth tones to more experimental and abstract sounds.
  • They can be used to create ambient textures, arpeggios, and even emulate specific instruments like keyboards or brass.

How does it work?

  • Typically, synth pedals function by identifying the pitch in your guitar’s signal and use it to trigger an oscillator.
  • Unlike modulation pedals that alter and manipulate your signal, synth pedals contain a synthesizer circuit that produces the synth sound.
  • At that point your guitar becomes just the controller with no tone-generating role.

Where does it go in the signal chain?

  • Like all pedals, it’s good to experiment but they generally work best at the front of the signal chain.
  • This is because is it influencing the fundamental guitar sound, which is then affected best by other pedals.
  • Putting in the front of the signal chain will help tracking as the control (guitar) signal won’t be blurred by echo or other effects.

How do I use a synth guitar pedal?

  • Synth guitar pedals are used like any other pedal by connecting them between the guitar and the amplifier.
  • You then typically have attack, decay sustain and release controls like a “normal” synth.