Adventure Audio Dream Reaper - Sea foam
Adventure Audio Dream Reaper – Fuzz & Modulation
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Adventure Audio Dream Reaper – Fuzz & Modulation


Adventure Audio Dream Reaper

Fuzz and oscillating machine with lots of controls for experimentation

Requires 9V centre negative supply – 10ma draw

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Adventure Audio Dream Reaper

The Adventure Audio Dream Reaper is a Fuzzy Feedback Modulation Machine loaded with weird features guaranteed to turn your tone into something unexpected.

High Gain Saturated Overdrive to Glitchy “what in the heck just happened?!” because this is for the creative experimenter.

There are so many different fuzz and oscillation sounds you can get from this pedal and also you can control it with an expression pedal.



The Force switch engages a built in “pick up emulator” controlled by the Sense knob, which emulates the the tone knob(s) on your guitar. We found that by putting this pedal in the middle of your chain, the tone knob didnt seem to adjust the feedback frequency when in Dream mode.

What do the controls do?

This built in circuit takes care of that.

The Reap knob controls the strength of your input as it tussles with the oscillations for dominance when in Dream mode.

The Range switch is a low end capacitor selector that doubles as a frequency range selector when in Dream mode.

The Dream mode brings the oscillator into life

The Bias knob controls the non linearity of the effect regardless of which mode.

Expression pedal controls the Filter Knob which is something along the lines of a broader big muff filter. We recommend using a Moog Expression Pedal or another with 100k potentiometer value.

More about the Dream Reaper controls


Self Oscillation Mode


Only active in Dream mode. It controls the strength of your input as it tussles with the oscillations for dominance. It’s kind of a “tug of war” between the feedback oscillations and the distorted input signal.


Low range cutoff filter capacitor selector.


How much voltage is applied to the pedal. Also known as a starve control. Think of this as the amount of non-linearity, of the effect regardless of which mode.


Similar to how a filter works on a big muff. Generally more low end and defined midrange towards the left. More defined highs and less low end towards the right.


LPF Controls where the high end of the filter is rolling off. This knob interacts a lot with the Filter knob.


Only engaged when the Force toggle is switched up


Switch engages a built-in “pick up emulator” controlled by the Sense knob


Overrides Filter knob. We recommend using a 100K ohm potentiometer expression pedal because the filter is designed around a 100K linear pot. Any other pot value may create an undesirable result. This EXP input cannot receive any type of control voltage. Only a passive expression pedal is recommended.


C’mon…. do I have to explain this one?


True as can be

There is bit more info here in the manual.

If you like adventurous sounds, don’t forget to take a look at the Outer Rings

Standard 9V Center Negative Power Supply 10ma current draw

Additional information

Analogue or Digital





10 mA



Pedal Type

Fuzz, Modulation

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium





Dream Reaper


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