Adventure Audio Whateverb V2 Reverb


Adventure Audio Whateverb

A reverb unit with three unusual reverb types 1) Chorus / Flange 2) Room reverb 3) Shimmer reverb

Required 9V DC centre negative supply – draws 250ma

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Adventure Audio Whateverb

The idea behind the Adventure Audio Whateverb is to provide three usable and unique reverb options.

Firstly, there is Chorus,Flange Reverb with depth and rate controls for the modulation.

Second there is Room Hall Reverb with HIGH and LOW pass filtering and then there is

Shimmer Reverb with dissonance and volume controls

The Whateverb should be taken both literally and figuratively. Its title brings to mind apathy and melancholy but the sounds it creates are quite the contrary. The also ambiguously named modes (This, That, and Otherb) provide a shimmer reverb, a room reverb and a modulated reverb that will leave you with thoughts of both outer space and Tears For Fears.

So, what’s the difference between V1 and V2?

  • Expression Input for the Warp Knob
  • Wider range for the warp
  • 100% Wet
  • True Bypass
  • More Durable IN & OUT Jacks
  • Blend and Decay are pretty standard knobs for reverb pedals, but whats not so standard is the Warp knob. This actually changes the sample rate of the ADAC Chip in the pedal.

What the heck is sample rate? and what in the heck is a ADAC?

The sample rate is how quickly the audio samples are taken in and processed. There are some wacky things that happen when you change the sample rate. i.e. the pitch and the decay of the programs.

ADAC stands for Analog to Digital to Analog Converter. Essentially the work horse chip behind all the digital conversion of your signal.


The top two knobs on the pedal change depending on where the toggle is set, which effectively changes between one of three distinct settings.


Chorus/Flange Reverb with depth and rate controls for the modulation


Room Hall Reverb with high and low filtering.


Shimmer Reverb with dissonance and volume controls

Blend – 100% Blend of reverb and your dry input signal.

Decay – Length of the reverb tail.

Toggle Switch – Select between reverb settings

Deep – Depth of Flange/Chorus in This setting

Rate – Speed of Flange/Chorus is This setting

High Tide – Highpass filter roll-off frequency in That setting

Low Tide – Lowpass filter roll-off frequency in That setting

Shimmer – dissonance of shimmer octaves

Volume – the volume of shimmer effect

Audio Adventures have e demo of it on their website

The Whateverb is true bypass and requires 250mA 9VDC only power supply.

** When inserting the expression pedal, please make sure that the power is uplugged from the pedal! This may create huge pops in your amp if you do not unplug the power **


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