Black Arts Toneworks Coven
Black Arts Toneworks Coven Dual Overdrive & Fuzz
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Black Arts Toneworks Coven Dual Overdrive & Fuzz


Black Arts Toneworks Coven Dual Overdrive  and Fuzz

Combined overdrive and fuzz pedal from the Blackarts team. This effect combines circuits from the Black Forest overdrive pedal and the Pharoah

Requires 9V DC centre negative supply

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Black Arts Toneworks Coven Dual Overdrive and Fuzz

The Black Arts Toneworks Coven is the latest dual pedal design.

Featuring the popular Pharaoh Fuzz and Black Forest Overdrive in one pedal board friendly size.

Controlling the Pharaoh and Black Forest sides with a switch alters the order of the gain flow.

The Coven gives you a complete range of overdrive base sounds. For instance, sounds ranging from subtle boost, using the dialled back side of the the Black Forest, to the full on Pharaoh fuzz.


The overdrive side of the pedal has gain, low, high and volume knob controls and work as you would imagine.

The fuzz circuit has fuzz, tone high and volume controls and there are also a number of toggle switches.

The most interesting switch is the GE / SI / bypass switch, because you can choose how the fuzz is generated.

The GE mode generates fuzz by clipping the signal using germanium diodes and this gives the classic fuzz style sounds from the sixties.

This is because germanium was used in semiconductors when they were first invented. They were subsequently replaced by silicon be cause they were “better”.

To be fair, at the time there were a lot of things going for silicon based transistors over germanium.

For instance, silicon is more robust but does sound different, but this was not so recognised at the time.

The SI mode generates fuzz by clipping the signal using silicon semiconductors. This give a different, more “modern”sound because it is higher gain.

The bypass mode, unsurprisingly, bypassed diode clipping and creates fuzz through overdriving an amplifier.

All three give different sounds, with even more flexibility gain as the Black Forest and Pharaoh sides of the pedal can be switched in an out.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 11.9 × 5.4 cm
Analogue or Digital



Black, Green


Not Stated



Pedal Type

Fuzz, Overdrive

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium

Silicon & Germanium






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