Black Arts Toneworks Destroyer – Dual Fuzz


Black Arts Toneworks Destroyer

Dual fuzz pedal that combined the legacy Oath and Rital models, the Destroyer is a simple pedal that excels in massive doom laden fuzz.

This pedal operates on a Standard 9VDC power supply.

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Black Arts Toneworks Destroyer

The Black Arts Toneworks Destroyer is a dual fuzz pedal based on the Ritual and Oath pedals.

The Oath

The Oath was based on the Black Arts Toneworks Revelation Superbass circuit. This is now discontinued and was a “no knob” pedal with all of the internal setting turned up to 10 (or may be 11) .

The tone was simply seriously heavy duty doom fuzz.

The Ritual

Again, this now discontinued pedal was relatively simple.

The Ritual was a pure fuzz pedal. This is what the Black Arts team had to say about it:

“The Ritual. A ritual of fuzz and the love of fuzz. Just one knob, no monkey business, just pure divine fuzz.

Controllable with your guitar volume knob and very responsive to the guitar tone control. Roll back the guitar knob and it cleans up, and thins out, gets crunchy.

Roll up the guitar knob and you’ll go into molten fuzz territory. Plenty of gain, plenty of volume. All of what you want, none of what you don’t need. The Ritual is for the pure love of fuzz.”

The idea was that it was controllable with your guitar volume knob and therefore very responsive to the guitar tone control.

What is the Destroyer like?

Part Oath! Full Destruction! This pedal goes from a controllable wall of Fuzz, to a savage Preamp Annihilator.

It is a simple one knob fuzz/boost

Use the Ritual or Oath separately or stomp both and Destroy. You have been forewarned.

The Destroyer V2 combines the Ritual V2 and Oath into one unified assault.

Part Ritual, part Oath. Full destruction. This goes from a controllable wall of fuzz, to a savage preamp annihilators.

Use the Ritual or the Oath separately, or stomp both and destroy!

New V2 version Ritual fuzz has more gain, compression and low mids on tap, roll guitar volume back to 9 for more bite and less compression.

The Destroyer will make a hole that few can follow. It is LOUD and NOISY.

It makes your amp howl like a banshee when you stop playing. You have been forewarned. If you’re not sure if this is for you, don’t click the buy button.

Spongy organic fuzz to super high gain.

This pedal operates on a Standard 9VDC power supply. No battery connection.

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Centre Negative

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