Deep Trip The Bog Fuzz Pedal


Jimi Hendrix inspired fuzz face style pedal from the Band of Gypsys era (hence Bog) reimagined by Deep Trip

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Deep Trip The Bog

The Deep Trip The Bog is a Jimi Hendrix-inspired fuzz face style pedal from the Band of Gypsys era (hence Bog)

That’s right, the 60s pedal looked like some alien spaceship and was made famous by the great Jimi Hendrix!

That red (or black or gray or blue) flying saucer made some of the greatest classic rock tones. Maybe the guy even came to Earth inside that thing, who knows?

Deep Trip describes its design philosophy:

“He seemed to finally have it all there! So here is my tribute. The idea here is not to reproduce only Band of Gypsys tones but to get the vintage soul of the classic Fuzz Face. Yeah, the big round box he loved so much, with a ‘hi-fi’ touch

But if you’ve ever read Roger Mayer’s interviews on books about Jimi’s sound, and I’ve read many, you know that going conservative on the Arbiter factory schematic and specs isn’t the smartest move.

Mr. Mayer claims he made a lot of improvements and modifications to the boxes. Sometimes adding more gain/clipping stages both before and after the main fuzz circuit.

He also says he started messing with silicon transistors around 1968 because of lower noise and higher stability. 1968 is Electric Ladyland, see how we’re going somewhere here? And that the FF circuit wasn’t the only thing inside Jimi’s fuzz boxes, especially later on his career.

Redesigning the fuzz

To me, that means the conservative approach is a no-no, so I took some months with all my favorites (vintage originals, boutique versions, clones, replicas, reissues and work-alikes), together with all my old Deep Trip pedals and prototypes, to extract, compare and match the attack, voicing and decay for my ultimate favorite version of that famous circuit, always listening to the man, and then I did it my way

Last but not least, it got all the Deep Trip goodies it could:

  • Correct impedance input and output stages (to work with wahs, buffers, any pedals, any amps),
  • External bias control
  • External bass and treble content controls – so you have a modified FF vintage soul in the core, much more control all around and none of the vintage issues, how do you like that?
  • Added ‘hi-fi’ approach to the circuit brought a heavy and firm bottom end that’s so hard to hear in any fuzz box, it sounds gorgeous!
  • Jimi would love this, he loved nice bottoms, you know. Some say the BOG isn’t exactly a fuzz pedal, but rather a fuzz/overdrive/distortion/whatever you need. It does a lot of different sounds and goes way beyond the typical Fuzz Face/Jimi Hendrix coverage, trust me.”


  • Volume
  • Bias
  • Fuzz
  • Highs
  • Lows

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 7 cm
Analogue or Digital





Not Stated




The Bog

Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium



Wide Footprint




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