JHS Pedals Morning Glory V4 Overdrive


The JHS Pedals Morning Glory is their most successful transparent overdrive pedal. Clear overdrive without pushing the midrange and now with twice the headroom in the new version 4

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The JHS Morning Glory is probably their most well known overdrive pedal.

Created in 2009 out of a need for an overdrive pedal that simply took a guitar and amplifier’s tone to the next level. Also without adding strong mid frequencies or any other characteristic that came along with the Tubescreamer style circuits on the market.

Its goal was, and still is, to be incredibly easy to use and to be the most transparent overdrive out there. Even though the “transparent” buzzword is a bit overused all these years later, the meaning and application still stands as the best way to describe the magic that the Morning Glory brings to your rig. Let’s take a look at what improvements the Morning Glory V4 has to offer.


Looking at the controls, we have Volume, Drive, Tone and Gain.

  • Volume: The Volume control acts as a master output level control. One improvement of the V4 is that we have added 2x the available headroom to this control if compared to the V3.
  • Drive: The Drive control dials in overdrive as you turn clockwise. As this control increases, the treble content is also slightly increased.
  • Tone: The Tone control is a basic high-pass filter, and as you turn clockwise, the tone becomes brighter. As you turn this control to the left, it becomes darker.
  • Gain: The Gain toggle activates a new boost mode. This mode is overall more powerful, has more low-end content, and when the drive knob is in its upper region, it creates a more high gain tone than ever available in any variation of the Morning Glory.
  • Bright Cut: The Bright Cut toggle is now located on the side of the pedal, still easily accessible but out of the way. This switch is great for rigs that lean a little on the bright side or when you are using the MG as a higher gain drive sound. The input jack is located on the lower right side and the output jack is on the left side. The MG runs on standard 9V DC supply only.

What is the JHS Pedals Morning Glorly like to use?

Whether you play a Stratocaster or a Les Paul, you will instantly recognize how the Morning Glory is touch sensitive and keeps 100% of your instrument’s feel in place. From “Little Wing-ish” chime to full chord rock & roll, the Morning Glory is hard to beat.

If you are one of the thousands who have made the Morning Glory a part of your rig or a first-time interest, the Morning Glory V4 offers all the right features, tones, and ease of use that you are looking for in a primary overdrive pedal.

The Morning Glory has been designed to be incredibly easy to handle. Controls consist of a simple volume, drive, tone, gain switch and hi cut. The drive adds gain to proceedings, while also pushing a modicum of treble frequencies. The tone control is a simple hi-pass filter, which brightens up your tone as you push it clockwise.

The new gain switch opens up an even wider variety of overdrive sounds. This little beauty activates a new boost mode, driving the tone further into high gain territories than it ever could before. On the side of the enclosure you’ll also find a small hi cut switch, letting you remove a bit of top-end harshness in a high gain setup.

How do the different Morning Glory versions compare?

  • V1 = Bigger white enclosure with black knobs; no bright-cut switch; no logo.
  • V2 = Changed to smaller current enclosure; gold powder coat color.
  • V3 = Bright-cut toggle added.
  • V4 = Two times more headroom; Gain Toggle added; Red Remote system added.

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.2″x4.3″x1.5″.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 5.5 cm
Analogue or Digital




EAN 13









Morning Glory V4

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Pedal Type


Silicon or Germanium



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