Mantic Flex Pro LE – Modulation Pedal


Mantic Flex Pro LE

Groundbreaking Phase Locked Loop modulation for amazing and inspiring sounds

Requires 9V Dc centre negative supply. Draws approx 30ma

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Mantic Flex Pro LE

Every once in a while, an effect pedal so different comes along that it makes people teeter on the verge of complete flexistential breakdown. The Mantic Flex Pro LE is one of those effects.

The ghost in this groundbreaking machine delivers a sonic palette so unique and inspiring, that you’ll think it came from the Anunnaki themselves.

Glitched out pitch-mod growls with cerebrum piercing squelches. Angry-duck-funk quack and gargling stutters are all just at the surface of the Flex’s sonic potential.

With an added Mix control, Filter range selector, and variable speed LFO for tracking modulation, the Mantic Flex Pro shreds expectations like a phone book.

Initially released in 2014, the Mantic Flex lead the charge in the recent upsurge of Phased Locked Loop PLL popularity. It continues to set itself apart from other PLL’s in that it is an original design and not a Schumann derivative.

The Flex Pro is voiced and biased to offer what we found to be the most readily usable range of PLL sounds in a broad musical context.

However it doesn’t compromise the users’ ability to experiment.

The PLL uses input signals frequency and phase to control the output of the internal oscillator in lockstep

Now comes with an expression jack to control the rate of the LFO.


  • LVL: Output amplitude level
  • Focus: Sets the frequency lock range. Can behave similarly to an “attack” function. works independently with the Pump control to determine the VCOs tracking stability
  • Pump: Controls the resistance amount between the VCO input and phase comparator. This will change the length of the VCO discharge (dive-bomb)
  • $: Toggles decay length
  • &: Toggles between attack ranges

If you’re ready to hear the future then the Flex Pro is for you!

Notable users include Nick Reinhardt, Adrian Belew, Dominic Davis, Justin Meldal-Johnson, Simon Francis, Ikey Owens, and Juan Alderete!

“Get Flexed!”

Requires 9V Dc centre negative supply. Draws approx 30ma

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9.4 × 3 cm
Analogue or Digital



White, Black


30 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium





Flex pro LE

1 review for Mantic Flex Pro LE – Modulation Pedal

  1. Dale E (verified owner)

    “It’s insane. In some ways it’s unusable as a traditional guitar pedal (like thinking of it as a fuzz). But if you’re looking to expand the sonic pallette of the guitar it’s wonderful. It’ll be all over my band’s new album that we’re recording soon. Especially combined with other pedals like a tremolo or modulation it’s like an instrument of its own.

    Not for everyone but if you’re a sonic explorer it’s perfect.”

    Has specifically requested the quote be from Dale Evans – Toronto Blessings.

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