Mojo Hand FX El Guapo Fuzz Pedal


The Mojo Hand FX El Guapo is an ultra-flexible fuzz machine offering a plethora of great fuzz tones. Nasty and gnarly or dialed back for nice, smooth, classic fuzz, and all the way down to an “almost” overdrive

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Mojo Hand FX El Guapo

The Mojo Hand FX El Guapo ® is an ultra-flexible fuzz machine because it offers a plethora of great fuzz tones.

It gets nasty and gnarly with the best of them, also it can also be dialed back for nice, smooth, classic fuzz, and all the way down to an “almost” overdrive.

The “Starve” knob controls the amount of voltage being fed to the circuit.

The higher that it’s set, the nastier things get.

Used this in conjunction with the “Gain” control for a wide variety of fuzz sounds. “Volume” controls the overall level of the pedal, while “Cut” controls the amount of high-end that comes through.

Mike Hermans showcases the El Guapo here


  • Cut (cuts low frequencies as turned up)
  • Starve (cuts current to second transistor stage as turned up)
  • Volume
  • Gain (controls input signal to fuzz circuit)
  • True bypass

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (neither included)
-Current draw: ~2mA

-4.8″ L x 2.62″ W x 1.55″ H

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 6.6 × 4.1 cm
Analogue or Digital



Blue, White


2 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium





El Guapo

1 review for Mojo Hand FX El Guapo Fuzz Pedal

  1. James H

    This fuzz is absolutely immense. This is the sound I’ve been imagining in my head for years. I have 5 fuzz pedals – most are great, but some a bit meh. I know I’ve only just got it, so in honeymoon phase, but the El Guapo is my absolute favourite. Firstly it’s incredibly versatile from rock overdrive to gnarly stoner stuff. But the best part for me is you don’t need to stack it with any other pedals… it sounds best into a clean and/or cleanish amp. A number of my other fuzz pedals sound absolutely rubbish into a clean amp.

    I recently got a new amp – a Suhr Hombe based on the old Fender 61 Brownface deluxe. I’ve had terrible trouble trying to find an overdrive pedal which works well with the mids-forward tone stack of this circuit. I’ve now tried 5 different overdrive pedals & had to send them all back for refund. I was HUGELY relieved to discover the El Guapo works extremely well with this amp. In fact it’s so good, it’s like the only pedal you need.

    I tend to live on the neck pickup of a Strat, but I’ve been getting killer sounds out of the El Guapo on the bridge pickup, so that’s an unexpected bonus.

    I was slightly apprehensive about ordering this pedal, because in some of the reviews there’s a lot of background hiss. But I haven’t noticed it to be overly noisy at all – so that’s a huge relief.

    Also, the artwork is awesome – they should make it into a t-shirt!

    So, it’s a killer pedal, which has gone straight on my board. I knew within the 1st minute of trying it that it’s a keeper. As I previously mentioned, I’ve wanted an El Guapo for a long time, so I was delighted to see them available on your website.

    James H

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