Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow
Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow
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Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow


Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow

An evolved Klon Clone with aditional tone control. Voted “Best Klon Centaur Evolutions” by Delicious Audio

Requires 9V DC supply, supply or 9V battery (neither included)
Current draw: 21mA

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Mojo Hand FX Sacred Cow

The Mojo hand FX Sacred Cow is a playful nod to the legendary and now expensive gold standard overdrive that has become a near-mythological classic.

We sought to create an accessible, pedalboard friendly version of this circuit with some added flexibility while remaining very faithful to the overall tone.

The Sacred Cow has all of the drive and and character that you would expect, ranging from slightly boosted clean to a nice gain with some bite, and it sits perfectly in a mix.

Yes, its a Klon Clone – and a good one!

The Klon Centaur was created bu Bill Finnegan in 1994. It was one of the first boutique boost and overdrive pedal and quickly became famous for giving a truly superb boost and overdrive sound. Also it didn’t mess with the character of your guitar and amp sound.

Expensive in 1994 ($200+) and, because of its notoriety and because it is now no longer made, the Centaur is very collectable and prices through the roof.

The Scared Cow is not an exact replica of the Klon. There is a toggle switch that gives a bit more tone control option.

Its size is also a little more pedalbaord friendly than the original Centaur too.



Can be used as a clean boost or preamp with gain turned down


Blends clean boost and overdrive


Fatty or Lean toggle. Left is standard, right gives a bit more bass

Your guitar and amp set up and volume setting will make a difference to how much effect this toggle has

True bypass

Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (neither included)
Current draw: ~21mA

-4.8″ L x 2.62″ W x 1.55″

Voted one of the “Best Klon Centaur Evolutions” by Delicious Audio



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