Neunaber Audio Immerse Reverberator Mk II


Superb studio-quality reverb from Neunaber, with eight reverb modes and a new W3T algorithm for smooth three-dimensional sounds

Requires 9V-12 DC able to deliver 80 mA

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Neunaber Audio Immerse

With richer reverbs and a Mix knob that goes 100% wet, the Neunaber Immerse Mk II is our best sounding reverb to date.

This is because it delivers the same no nonsense flexibility as before, but it’s more user friendly than ever before.

The Immerse Mk II represents the very best in pedal reverb

It has studio quality algorithms, hi-fi circuitry, heavy duty parts, and construction and all in a small footprint.

The Mk II is a massive step forward and has completely redesigned circuitry and upgraded algorithms.

Instruments of all stripes work well with the Immerse, which gives a studio quality tone to a pedal.

The Immerse Mk II is packed with eight versatile reverb effects, including the new W3T and Sustain effect

This is exclusive to the Mk II and is our new flagship reverb because it is smoother and more three dimensional sounding than ever before.

Now with adjustable pre delay, it enhances what you play without covering it.

You can see a demo and 191 five star reviews, at the time of writing, here.


The Immerse Mk II raises the bar with eight magical stereo reverbs in one compact pedal


Exclusive to the Mk II, it makes our new flagship reverb smoother and more three dimensional sounding than ever before.

Now with adjustable pre-delay, it enhances what you play without covering it.

Smoother decay and more three dimensional sounding, it enhances what you play without covering it.

Adjustable pre delay further separates the dry signal and reverb up to an additional 200 milliseconds.


Bright and diffuse like a studio plate reverb.

A physical plate reverb uses transducers mounted to a large, suspended metal plate. It is known for its bright, diffused sound.

Adjustable pre delay further separates the dry signal and reverb up to an additional 200 ms


The lush, open sound of a concert hall, now with adjustable modulation depth for achieving deep modulated tones.

Hall reverb simulates the sound of a well-designed concert hall.

The Mod knob controls the modulation depth. Try increasing it for a lush, modulated hall reverb.


The distinctive twerp of a tube driven spring reverb.

Now with adjustable modulation speed, it can achieve a vibrato-spring sound.

A physical spring reverb uses metal springs suspended between transducers and produces a distinctive “twerp.”

The Mod knob increases the modulation rate — try increasing the modulation rate for a classic vibrato-spring reverb sound.


Built on our W3T reverb, the Neunaber Immerse sustain is a magical effect, that can be configured as a sustain effect or virtually infinite reverb.

What you play is recycled in an infinite loop during a ”hold” phase, then decays out during a “release” phase.

The Time knob adjusts the hold time, while the Depth knob adjusts the release. The Mod knob controls the modulation depth.


Combining the W3T reverb with stereo echo.

This effect adds echo and reverb. The Time knob adjusts the echo time, from 50 to 700 ms. Depth controls both the reverb decay and echo repeats. Blend controls the mix between the reverb and echo effects.


Adds a detuned double of the dry signal with reverb, now with true blend control between detune and detuned reverb.

Detune is an effect that pitch-transposes a signal slightly downward.

This effect adds detune to a detuned reverb to produce a thick, chorus-like effect. The Blend knob controls the mix between the reverb and detune effects.


Reminiscent of a synth pad that follows what your instrument plays, this effect combines the best qualities of our previous shimmers.



The Mix knob adjusts the blend of dry (unaffected) signal to effect and ranges from 100% dry to 100% effect.


The center knob selects the reverb effect. The knobs below may change function depending on the selected effect.

Reverb Depth

The Depth knob controls the reverb depth.

When the Echo effect is selected, it also controls the number of repeats


This knob adjusts the effect tone as follows:

  • Sustain, knob controls Hold time
  • Echo, knob controls the Delay time

Neunaber Immerse Features

The Mk II has a high-quality buffered bypass. The signal is always buffered whether engaged or bypassed. We chose this type of bypass because the last output in a pedal chain should be buffered, and reverb is typically placed at the end of a pedal chain.

  • High quality buffered bypass, perfect for placing at the end of the signal chain
  • External Trails switch
  • External Kill Dry switch for parallel effect loops
  • Inputs/outputs can be used mono or stereo
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
  • Increased headroom
  • Small, pedalboard friendly footprint
  • Requires standard 9V pedal power supply
  • Designed and made in California USA


  • Input level instrument / consumer line level
    Input impedance > 1 MΩ
    Gain unity
    Frequency response 20 Hz—20 kHz
    Total harmonic distortion < 0.005%
    Signal-to-noise ratio > 107 dBA
    *See the User Guide for complete specifications.Input 9-12 V DC, 80 mA. Connector center negative, 5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm IDDimensions 2.9” x 4.6” x 2.0” / 73 mm x 117 mm x 51 mm
    Weight 8.84 oz / 251 g

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 5 cm
Analogue or Digital

Analogue & Digital


Black, Gold


80 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium



9V – 12V

EAN 13





Immerse Mk II


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