Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt Expanded Fuzz Pedal
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt Expanded Fuzz Pedal


Dial in a wide variety wide fuzz textures – from wide open overdrives to squashed sputters.

True by-pass

Requires 9V centre negative power supply

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The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt 

The Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt is a super-flexible fuzz pedal, with a good range of highly interactive controls.

Alpha Haunt is a fuzz. Ok, simple enough. Alpha Haunt has twelve controls. Maybe not! The controls are highly interactive.

Most of the fuzz buzzwords are here – huge and sustaining, gated and sputtering, mid scooped, mid boosted, bright, dark, clarity, utter lack of clarity. Splatty. The whole pack is at your disposal. You are the alpha now.

Control over fuzz gain, compression, bias, and tone to set the base fuzz sound switchable fuzz range and tone control voices for further options.

A parallel Enhance circuit with independent volume to bring in body and clarity

Massive tonal flexibility with 7 shaping controls: Master Volume; Fuzz Volume ; Enhance; Fuzz; Gate; Bias and LPF. The enhance knob blends in clean signal, which gives an increased clarity

On top of this is an active three band master EQ to shape the output


MASTER VOLUME: Controls overall volume

FUZZ Controls:

  • VOLUME: Controls fuzz signal volume
  • RANGE: Selects range of available fuzz – lower to higher gain
  • FUZZ: Increases gain of fuzz

GATE: It is interactive with the FUZZ control, so your fuzziest, squashiest sounds are with both controls all the way up.

BIAS: Controls the power of the fuzz – increase for more gated, sputtery effect

LPF: Controls the tone of the fuzz – warm to bright

ENHANCE: Controls volume of clean signal , giving clarity where needed

THREE BAND EQ: Low / Mid / High

Exploring the vast variety of sounds you can coax from one fuzz circuit, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt gives the user the ability to dial in a wide swath of fuzz textures – from smooth fuzz, wide open overdrives to squashed sputters.

Tips and Tricks


LPF 3:

With the tpr toggle set to Off, the pedal is super loud and noisy. This is
awesome of course, but we recommend starting with it set to LPF1 or LPF2 so the LPF
knob can do some noise filtering.


The Bias knob is almost an on-off knob: for greatest clarity, turn it all the
way to the left. For sputtering fuzz, turn it all the way to the right. Settings in between
all sound roughly the same.


The Enhance knob is meant to be used alongside the Fuzz Volume.
You can turn Fuzz Volume all the way down and use Enhance on its own, but Enhance on
its own sounds like a clean boost gone wrong.

Its a bit difficult to describe the tone flexibility, so take a look at this!

Top mounted jacks

True bypass switching and standard 9VDC centre negative power

OBNE demonstrate the Alpha Haunt here


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