Pettyjohn Crush Compressor Pedal


Petty John Crush

A studio quality compressor, using discrete VCAs.Top quality components make this compressor both transparent and musical for both guitar and bass.

Recommended power supply is 12-18 V centre negative.

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Pettyjohn Crush by Pettyjohn Electronics

The Pettyjohn CRUSH is a studio-grade compressor in our Foundry Series.

It is a  single pedal format that is powered by a unique Discrete Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA).

The CRUSH delivers highly musical compression in the spirit of beloved Discrete VCA compressors.

Such as those found in legendary British consoles, mastering buss compressors and vintage rack gear.

However, the Crush is specifically for use with any guitar or bass signals.

Using a modern Discrete VCA in our design has its greatest advantage  because it is extremely transparent .

Compression can be a bit of a mysterious effect to dial in.

So we tried to make our controls easy to navigate while having e several unique compression styles easily with one small box.

Engineered to Deliver Quality sound

Most importantly, the CRUSH delivers sound quality and performance that is in the same league as the most famous studio compressors .

The unique Discrete VCA we use offers extremely low distortion and low noise while with preserving superb sound quality.

We describe it as being both transparent and musical.

You will hear your guitar’s natural tone come through clearly. It also  imparts a bit of that elusive magic and life only available from high-end analogue gear.

Furthermore, the CRUSH has several useful tools for shaping your tone beyond traditional compression effects.

Once you find your sweet spot, it may become a pedal you cant live without!

You can see the Petty John compressor crushing here!


Due to the fact that our Discrete VCA is originally designed as a drop in replacement part for studio gear, it requires extra high voltage rails.

The CRUSH has a special internal power section that creates a dual power rail structure that the VCA requires and thus it has special power requirements. T

he CRUSH needs 12V-18V of standard center tip negative power with at least 150mA to operate cleanly.

The signal path uses only the highest quality parts.

From 1% metal film resistors, to WIMA coupling caps and top-shelf Burr Browns opamps in the analog signal path.

This allows your tone stays naturally intact on its journey through the compressor’s circuit.

Discrete Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) based Compressor

The CRUSH compression circuit is based on a high performance, high headroom Discrete VCA chip made especially for Pettyjohn Electronics.

First pedal utilizing a Discrete VCA normally found in Top Studio compressors with optimize performance for Electric, Acoustic and Bass instruments

Lower Distortion and low noise, along with highly transparent tone sets this chip apart from other VCA’s on the market.


With over a decade of dialing in studio compression on mixes and masters, Stephen Pettyjohn leaned heavily on his experience to voice the control settings of the CRUSH.

At the core of the CRUSH controls are the two mini-toggles for RATIO and RELEASE. Each mini-toggle offers three settings for dialing in a vast array of different compression settings.


The RATIO’s settings are LIGHT, 2:1 ratio, MED with a 4:1 ratio and HEAVY for a 10:1 ratio.

The RELEASE settings are FAST, MED and SLOW and they set how long the compressor takes to recover once the threshold has been passed.


Three release settings, FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW


Set the threshold using the “COMPRESSION” knob. The amount of compression increases as you lower the threshold by turning the knob clockwise.

Use the “LEVEL” control to make-up for gain lost by the compression effect.

Wide range to accommodate high output guitars and basses without overloading or over compressing


Sets gain of the VCA to make up for gain reduction that happens during heavy compression or function as a volume boost

High Performance Power:

Dual-rail power section with 12V to 18V center tip negative operation range, providing 24V-36V of voltage swing for huge internal headroom while drawing around 150mA
Note: Some 9V power supplies will power the CRUSH as long as they supply 150mA, you can try it.

TILT EQ Tone Shaping

The TILT EQ simply offers a wide range of tonal control with a single knob, with a center frequency of 750 Hz.

It adds a lot of tone-shaping power with one simple knob and has been voiced specifically to compliment the CRUSH.

It has a neutral tone setting at noon, while brightness increases as you turn it to the right and it darkens the tone as you turn it to the left.


The “MIX” control allows the user to add in a bit of the clean, un-compressed signal by turning the knob clockwise.

Add back the transients and natural pick attack that that smooths out at higher compression settings.

We recommend using the MIX knob like an attack control, and recommend feeling your way through after other settings are dialed in.

Mix in a clean, un-compressed signal to restore lost transient information and feel because this is useful when high levels of compression are dialed in.


  • Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors
  • Top Shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations
  • Premium Burr Brown OPA opamps in signal path
  • USA made PCB constructed with Audiophile Lead-free Silver Solder
  • Extremely High Headroom and Low Noise



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