Red Panda Context 2 – Digital Reverb & Delay


The Red Panda Context is a reverb pedal with room, hall, cathedral, gated reverb, plate, and delay plus reverb. The plate algorithm gives you control over low and high-frequency responses for crisp, defined reverb  

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Red Panda Context 2 Reverb

The Red Panda Context is a studio-quality reverb that places your instrument in a room, hall, cathedral, metal plate, or less natural surroundings.

All of the algorithms are adjustable so that you can get the right combination of pre-delay, reverb time, and frequency response.

The plate algorithm gives you control over low- and high frequency response for crisp, defined reverb even with bass instruments.

Gated reverb gives you big booming drums from the 1980’s, but is also great for adding power to guitar while keeping transparency and space between notes. Finally, there is delay plus reverb for that versatile combination in a single pedal

The Context adds depth to your sound without unwanted coloration. The dry signal passes through high quality op-amps and poly film caps in a 100% analog signal path. Context is a true bypass pedal.

Mike Hermans gives some great insights into what the Context can do here.



Fast build-up with multiple initial reflections.


Emulates a concert hall. Slow build-up with a longer initial delay.


Emulates a large, reflective space.


Gated reverb with nonlinear decay. Known for big drum sounds, gated reverb also works well on guitar because you can add more reverb while keeping transparency and space between notes.


Reverse reverb. Reflections get louder and brighter as time passes, giving the impression that the signal is played backwards. Typically used with 100% wet signal.

The modulation knob adds a wash of forward reverb.


Emulates studio plate reverbs, which use plates of thin sheet metal to create reflections. Bright and dense sound, good for drums, guitar, and vocals.

Modulation adds rich stereo chorusing. For more “bend”, increase the modulation rate to approximately 1:30.


Spring reverb. It is not a model of a specific spring reverb. The Context 2 simulates a spring reverb using the algorithms and techniques used in 1980’s reverbs, but with more processing power available.

Low decay settings work well for vocals, bass, and adding subtle ambiance to your instrument without an obvious reverb effect. Middle settings match spring reverb settings on guitar amplifiers. At higher decay settings, the decay time is extended and it starts to sound a little unnatural.


A granular reverb with some similarities to the Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station. With mod knob at zero, it sounds like a modulated multi-tap delay. With low modulation, long decays become ghostly voices. As the mod knob increases, the character of the modulation changes and then the sound begins to pull apart.

The Ursa Major SST-282 Space Station, released in 1978, was an effects processor that used a single delay line with modulated taps to create reverb effects.

The Context 2 can produce the same kind of ghostly reverb effects, but is not a direct model.


  • Navy blue texture powder coat with laser etched graphics.
  • 6 modes: room, hall, cathedral, gated reverb, plate, and delay plus reverb.
  • Blend control, from dry to 100% wet.
  • Adjustable pre-delay, reverb time, and damping.
  • Analog dry signal.
  • True bypass.
  • Mono in/out.
  • Size: 4.7″ x 3.7″
  • 1-year warranty
  • Requires 9V center negative 100 mA power supply. Does not take batteries.


Because each pedal is individually etched, slight variations in the finish are normal.

This pedal is produced using a combination of robots and hand.

We drill the enclosures in our metro Detroit workshop using laser-cut templates for accuracy. Then we apply a dark navy blue textured powder coat and etch the graphics using a 60W CO2 laser.

Laser etching gives our pedals a 3D quality that changes with the light. Circuit boards are manufactured in Colorado.

The DSP chip and parts are assembled by robots, while the audio components are hand-assembled by us in house using through hole components.

Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6.5 cm
Analogue or Digital

Analogue & Digital


Blue, Black


100 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium




EAN 13





Context 2

3 reviews for Red Panda Context 2 – Digital Reverb & Delay

  1. Little S (verified owner)

    major awesome

  2. Chillie T (verified owner)

    Great pedal, swidt delivery! ++++++++++

  3. Casper H (verified owner)

    I really liked the Context. The feature set compared to the size of the pedal was impressive.

    Unfortunately it suffered from a slight loss of volume when engaged and so I ended up selling it on at a loss quite quickly.

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