Revv G3 Distortion Pedal


With versatile gain and distortion, the Revv G3 has the capability of providing both classic rock and saturated metal sounds True bypass pedal requiring 9V DC centre negative supply. Draws approx 17 mA

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Revv G3 Pedal

The Revv G3 is an “amp in a box” style pedal similar to its sibling the G2 but it has more gain.

The G3 is not just all about ultra-high-gain though. It is also one of the most versatile pedals currently on the market.

With the fat and warm or tight and bright heavy amp-like saturation or just light overdrive, it is also suitable for Rock, Blues, Country, Prog, Fusion, Punk or anything else you want to throw at it.

With varying degrees of gain, the pedal allows you to go from thick and chunky rhythm tones, to searing lead tones. These will have you cutting through the mix in a heartbeat.

However, the aggression toggle switch is where all the magic happens. With blue and red options, this little switch gives you a gain and volume boost to varying levels of intensity.

So, What is the Revv G3 like?

Feels Great – Constant revisions ensured the attack & bloom of notes, it is inspiring to play, like your favorite amp.

Mix Ready – Smart filtering keeps lows tight & highs present with no mud or ice.

Versatile – Fat & warm or tight & bright. Heavy amp-like saturation or light overdrive.

Integrates Into Any Rig – “Distortion channel” in front of a clean amp, another flavor of gain with a multi-channel amp, easy traveling, great studio tool, works great with analog & digital gear.

Modern Features – Single-space enclosure, standard 9v power, top-mounted jacks

And not to forget Revv’s signature clarity, punch and precision high-gain structures are totally unique, tight and full.

The purple Channel 3 from their Generator series is no exception.

It provides one of the most extremely tight and clear distortions and is essentially one of today’s most celebrated tones in modern amplification, with just the right amount of saturation for any situation.

However, as a handmade boutique amp just isn’t affordable for most musicians.

Founder Dan Trudeau wanted to distill this essential tone and make it available to everyone in a less-expensive format, in a pedal that’s versatile and yet still felt as great under the fingers as their tube amps.

You can see the G3 demoed here.


Additional bass, middle and treble controls allow you to sculpt the EQ output to match the guitar you’re using.  This EQ is extra useful in it’s smart filtering, no matter what instrument or rig you’re playing through.

so, this makes G3 totally mix-ready too, keeping the low-end tight and the highs present, with no mud or ice.

The volume and gain controls allow you to dial in the perfect amount of distortion you want on your signal, to integrate into any rig

Add a ‘Distortion channel’ in front of a clean amp or add another flavour of gain with a multi-channel amp to push clipping – it’s up to you.

In fact, it just plays nicely with combos, heads, straight pedalboard rigs, in effects loops or with cab modelling, which makes G3 the perfect portable studio tool.


  • Voicing based on Revv’s signature “Purple Channel” from the Generator 120 & 100P
  • Clear, sustaining, amp-like tone
  • Used by premier metal, rock, prog, blues, fusion, country, punk, & pop artists worldwide
  • 3 band EQ, 3 aggression modes (Red / Off / Blue), volume, & gain
  • 9v center negative tip (external power supply only) drawing 17ma
  • Easy to dial – get good tone quickly
  • Blue LED for status confirmation
  • Reflective purple, laser-etched, powder coated chassis
  • Optimized for analog, digital, & hybrid rigs
  • Over 16 revisions & 1 year of R&D
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Built to last – 1 year warranty. Durable, tested construction
  • True bypass

About Revv

Revv Amplification is a small but world-class Canadian operation that started out building amplifiers by hand, with a detail-oriented focus and high-quality parts.

Taking pride in their products, circuit boards are all hand crafted, yet their modern and original circuit design principles are what allow them to meet their goals of superior tone.

Additional information

Weight .37 kg
Dimensions 12.1 × 7 × 3.2 cm
Analogue or Digital



Purple, Black


17 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium




EAN 13







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