ThorpyFX The Dane
ThorpyFX The Dane – Boost & Overdrive
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ThorpyFX The Dane – Boost & Overdrive


ThorpyFX The Dane

Designed for Danish Pete, the Dane gives bothdriven and boosted clean sounds from one flexible box, no matter what clean amp platform.

Requires 9VDC centre negative supply

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ThorpyFX The Dane

The ThorpyFX The DANE is a creation designed to meet the exacting needs of Peter “DANISH
PETE” Honoré.

THE DANE is simply put a tonal tool to allow Pete to achieve his signature articulate driven and boosted clean sounds from one flexible box, no matter what clean amp platform he uses.

The use of this pedal will now allow you vast flexibility over your guitar tone and enhance and improve your sound.

However due to the design brief needing to cover the wide palette of sounds he uses, the pedal finished up being the most versatile pedal available on the market for such a clean design.

What is it like?

THE DANE has two sides – a complex light to medium gain overdrive on the left and a high headroom super clean boost on the right.

The pedal is designed so that the boost runs into the drive side. This yields three distinct tonal variations ranging from clean boost all the way through to full and fat saturation.

The pedal is also designed to clean up impeccably from your volume control and as such it is ideal for dynamic players who like to adjust their playing style.

To ensure consistency, reliability, low noise and tonal supremacy THE DANE is made with
extremely high quality components.

1% metalfilm resistors, WIMA and Panasonic capacitors where possible, A Burr-Brown Op-amp and robust through hole plated PCB’S.

In short, all of this means you won’t have to worry about your pedal and it should give youmany years of inspiring tonal bliss

The Dane is demoed here



Use this control to increase the volume output of the drive side of pedal.


This control is used to increase the level of drive available on the drive side of the pedal; everything
from lightly crispy through to heavier sounds is available here.


This control gives allows you massive amounts of control over the treble and bass response of the drive.Counter clockwise yields smoother sounds whilst clockwise yields brighter sounds.


This control gives allows you huge amounts of control add high headroom clean boost to your signal.
Use it on its own as part of the boost side of the pedal or when stacked into the drive it can really make the pedal sing with complex harmonics and layered overdrive.


This control gives allows you lot of control to add low end to the boost side of the pedal. The amount of low end on tap is fantastic for fattening up even the spankiest Strat bridge pickup.


This turns the drive side on/off.


This turns the boost side on/off.

POWER: THE DANE is designed to work at voltages of 9V DC. This should be from a quality centre negativepower supply

Additional information

Analogue or Digital



Purple, Silver


34 mA



Pedal Type

Boost, Overdrive

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium




EAN 13







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