Wampler Euphoria
Wampler Euphoria Overdrive
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Wampler Euphoria Overdrive


Wampler Euphoria

A super transparent overdrive pedal that is influenced by the legendary D*umble amplifier. Smooth, Open, and Crunch modes give great flexibility

Requires 9 – 18V dc centre negative supply

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Wampler Euphoria

The Wampler Euphoria has been world renowned for many things over the years, but primarily it has become famous for its versatility and that old boutique catch phrase “transparency”.

When Brian created the circuit that would eventually become the Euphoria, he was working on creating a pedal that would go from clean tones to extremely fat tones while adding a bit of warmth, a natural overdrive… the goal was to make a pedal that does NOT sound like a pedal – it needed to be dynamic, have a great choice of tones (from  gritty to smooth) yet be able to respond to the volume knob like a tube amp.

The Euphoria Secret

The hidden secret of the Wampler Euphoria is the pre-gain bass control.

This gives the tone a fatness that a regular EQ stack cannot give you, it gives you a warmth and sustain to the tone that is extremely similar to that famous, elusive amp that attracts the the kind of price tag in the used market that could literally buy you a home.

If you love the sound of your clean tone, and just wish you could have more hair on the note… a little bit of grit without any change in tonality, the Euphoria will do that with ease. The 3 completely separate gain stages give you 3 distinct styles of overdrive – So, from that famous smooth amp style drive, to an open and free tone that just pushes your natural tone all the way up to a more aggressive crunch style, the Euphoria will be the first, and quite possibly last, choice you make for an overdrive pedal.

Brian’s take on the elusive “D” sound and much, much, more…

The Euphoria Overdrive is a very capable pedal.

Designed to do a huge range of sounds but never to overpower your fundamental tone, this is the drive for people who know they have a good guitar and know they have a quality amp, but want to take it farther, make it better – without sacrificing any of the great things that they already get from their setup.

Flexibility comes from three distinct options for the drive method, and as a result the drive tone. The design of the tone controls offers simplic- ity and power combined.

Your new Euphoria Overdrive will take you places that are familiar, but distinct.

Your fundamental sound will be preserved, but your tone will be greatly enhanced, and the power to determine in just what ways is all at your fingertips. All this, built into a pedal which is capable among other things of achieving a sound highly reminscent of those famous “D” amps…

Is it any wonder we call it Euphoria?

To get the most out of your new pedal, you’ll want to become very familiar with the controls.

The Wampler Euphoria Overdrive is not difficult to learn, but it will reward time spent understanding how the controls interact and how the different drive modes contribute their own take on the sound.

It is a complete tonal package, and includes a true-bypass footswitch for signal purity, plus all the control you need for a great non-bypassed signal: knobs for Gain, Volume, Tone, Bass, and a three-way switch to adjust between gain modes, labeled Smooth, Open, and Crunch.

We’ll spend some time explaining the Tone and Bass controls, as they have a huge amount of sound-shaping potential and it’s important to understand how they work, and of course you need to know about the three different gain modes to get the most out of the pedal.

Experiment and enjoy! See the Euphoric pedal in action.


Bypass Switch

A relay based soft switch true-bypass footswitch removal of the circuit when it isn’t wanted, meaning you don’t lose any tone when the pedal is off.


This control adjusts the output level of the Euphoria Overdrive. There is ample volume on tap to boost your signal substantially, if you want to do that, but it also ensures that reaching unity output (the same signal level engaged as when the pedal is bypassed) is a breeze. Note, there is a volume output level difference in each of the three gain toggle switch modes. Most notably, the middle mode, “Open,” has a large volume jump. Take caution to adjust the Volume knob lower when switching to “Open” mode to prevent a very loud jump in the signal level.


Coming after the crunch engine of the pedal, the Tone control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of highs. Since it is after the clipping section of the pedal, its affect on your sound is strictly shaping the highs to taste. It has a large range of adjustment, and for best results, start at zero and add highs until you have the level of treble and presence that you’re after. Raising the Tone knob will also raise the volume level, so account for that in the adjustment process. Whether you want a smooth high frequency profile or clear, precise notes, this control will get you there.


The true powerhouse of this pedal lays in the placement of bass control. It sits before the gain stages so can send the overdrive into a territory you don’t expect. The best way to explore it is to start with it all the way counter clockwise, get a tone you really like then slowly bring the bass in… You’ll notice that the gain changes quickly, if you now balance the bass control with the tone and the gain you will find tones you never dreamed of before!


A straightforward control, this just adjusts the level of crunch desired. As you raise the Gain, pay attention to the Volume control and to the Bass knob. More gain will give you more volume, so keeping your level where you want it will mean adjusting them together. Since the Bass knob does have a profound impact on how much crunch you get in the lower frequency notes and that in turn can change the whole character of your overdrive or distortion sound, make sure to adjust the two controls together. And of course the Gain knob is profoundly related to the three-way toggle switch that adjusts between gain modes

Smooth/Open/Crunch Toggle Switch

These three switch positions each represent a totally different internal gain pathway. They change the drive in very fundamental ways. Smooth is the most “D”-amp style sound, with a great degree of presence and tremendous touch response. Open comes with a substantial volume boost, and has the most forward, least driven sound of any of the positions. Crunch is, true to its name, the crunchiest, higher gain side of the pedal, and with adjustment it can really get going! Each of the three switch positions should be treated like a whole new variation on the pedal, because in fundamental ways, they are. Dialing in the best sound for each will come down to your ears and to experimentation, but understanding how the other controls affect each-other should arm you to get great sounds from the Euphoria in any of its three great drive modes.


Requires 9 – 18V DC centre negative supply. 10ma current draw

Additional information

Analogue or Digital



Green, White


10 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium



9V – 18V

EAN 13







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