Death By Audio Waveform Destroyer Distortion


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8 Different internally customizable distortions selectable by a combination of 4 foot switches. Once selected via internal DIP switches the fuzz’s are always the same so you can go back time and time again on your favorite fuzz sounds. This gives you a ton of fuzz, overdrive, distortion sounds you will become addicted to.
The Waveformer Destroyer is a four channel analog effect pedal capable of hundreds of different fuzz and insane distortion combinations. Each stomp switch engages a different new layer of mayhem without having to worry if 20 different knobs are set to the right position.

The bottom left (ENGAGE) true-bypass switch turns the pedal on, initiating the Waveformer Destroyer and bringing on the excitement. Next in the signal chain is the top left (BOOST) switch, which can add a super boost, bass tone, treble booster, or mid notch. The bottom right switch (FILTER) adds a boosted filter stage, creating an extreme shift in the overall sound. Finally the top right (BLAST) switch takes the effect over the top, blowing speakers and minds or both if you prefer. Switching between these combinations unlocks intense and beautiful levels of distortion, and with only a (MASTER) volume knob to worry about, you can focus on performance knowing that your perfect sound has already been dialed in

Your perfect sound can be dialed in by an 8 position DIP switch located inside the pedal making the 8 combinations of fuzz from the outside multiply into a whopping 500 harmonically distinct combinations of fuzz and insanity. Yes you heard it, 500 different wicked bad-ass killer whale fuzz sounds.

We strove to make a distortion pedal with the greatest possible number of different sounds, without cluttering the case with dozens of knobs that need to be tuned just right for you to achieve the perfect sound. Nobody wants to interrupt a show or recording session to bend over and mess with knobs. The Waveformer Destroyer allows you to lock in your ideal combination of sounds and always know that you are going to be having the same great sound over and over again.


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