Mojo Hand FX Mr O – Phase Shifter


The Mr O was created to reproduce the  1970’s sound of a Leslie rotary speaker. Inspired by a product from a famous guitar company, the phase shifter turned into a widely popular effect.

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Mojo Hand FX Mr O Phase Shifter

The Mojo Hand FX Mr O reproduces the special and beloved sound of the original phase shifter pedal.

The phase shifter was released in the early 1970’s intending to replicate the sound of a Leslie rotary speaker. It turned into a widely popular effect that influenced the sound and role of the electric guitar ever since.

After many hours of careful listening, playing, and tweaking, we finally arrived at a design that earned its colors and has the elusive magic of this historic pedal.

Mr O stays true to the original’s six-phase stages while packing much more inside of a smaller, pedalboard friendly footprint.

Since the original had just three-speed switches and no other adjustments, we gave the Mr O extra flexibility to satisfy the needs of a modern instrumentalist seeking the tones of this vintage classic.

You can see Mike Hermans put it through its paces here.



Controls the speed of the LFO.

We carefully replicated the unique shape of the original’s LFO waveform at various speeds.  Unlike a lot of modern phase and modulation designs, the shape of this wave changes slightly with speed adjustments. Balancing the amplitude and offset of the waveform at particular speed intervals are key to getting Mr O to feel like the original.


Use this to achieve a more or less drastic phase shift.

Tunn to the left, it can be quite subtle producing a slight phase shift to give your tone a bit of an evolving, “chewy” feel.

To the right it becomes more intense and the unique waveform of the original becomes apparent.


Knob controls the amount of feedback regeneration, to add a bit more or less “whoosh” if desired. At the lower end, the tone is smooth and warm. Turning it up high creates sharper resonant peaks and becomes a bit quacky sounding.

To most closely simulate the sound of the original, start with the SpeedDepth, and Color knobs pointing straight up to 12 o’clock.

You will now be closely emulating the sound of the original in the medium-speed position. Adjusting Speed to the far left simulates the slow speed position, 2-3 o’clock simulates the fast position.

We included a little extra to the far right for those who like to push the limits and like faster speeds in the vibrato realm.

Additional Info/Power:

  • True Bypass
  • Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
  • Current draw: ~70mA
  • The Mr O and MojoHandFX is in NO way sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Gibson or Maestro. MojoHandFX does not want to associate with or disrupt the legacy and goodwill of Gibson’s Maestro mark.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 6.6 × 4 cm
Analogue or Digital



Black, White


70 mA



Pedal Type


Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium





Mr O

5 reviews for Mojo Hand FX Mr O – Phase Shifter

  1. Tim J (verified owner)

    It’s awesome, best phaser I’ve ever tried

  2. Ron G (verified owner)

    i compared it to the mister o and it didnt really sound like the original to be honest , its a nice phaser especially for the price but I dont think it sounds like the O.G.
    I am currently building a 1970s based studio and was aiming on using all clones as in clone synths , outboard and fx but the more i Hear the originals the more I hear how different the clones are and just lack that original bite, but im not gonna pay over 2 grand for a mutron biphase when i got a behringer one for 145 quid so its a choice of being skint and having originals or putting up with clones that are not quite there.

  3. Michael OC (verified owner)

    I got version one and version two is out now with another option. However it lives up to expectations, as good as it sounded in the demos. A very unique sound for me. Definitely a keeper. A beautiful texture. Mojo hand continue to impress which is why I just ordered the park theatre reverb and have high hopes.

  4. Alan B (verified owner)

    Mr O is by far the best phase pedal out there.
    I’ve always preferred the subtler phase 45 in the past and not only does Mr O do it better and quieter but there’s a more richness and fullness to the sound without if it being too swirly, which of course it will still do if that’s your thing.
    As soon as I plugged it in, it was instant Floyd 100%

    It’s definitely a keeper!

  5. Leigh G (verified owner)

    Thanks for the follow-up mail. I didn’t actually keep the pedal, I chatted with Simon and returned it as it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I didn’t want to leave a review that said something like ‘not as good as my Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser’ which I’d bought the Mr O as a possible replacement for… 😉

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