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Sansamp GT2 by Tech 21
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Sansamp GT2 by Tech 21


Sansamp GT2

Emulate classic Fender, Marshall and Boogie style sound from one small box. Use it to drive an amp or straight to PA

Requires 9V battery ( not supplied) or 9V DC centre negative supply. Draws approx 4ma

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Sansamp GT2

“Architecturally” create your own rig in seconds with the Tech 21 Sansamp GT2.

You can easily achieve the most sought-after tube amp sounds, and entirely new ones as well.

This is because you can choose amplifier type, modification and speaker cabinet/mic placement configurations.

The GT2 is a truckload of great amps in a single, simple pedal.

Simple to operate, the SansAmp GT2 gives you immediate access to your choice of amplifier, and how you would modify it, and the cabinet/mic placement that is best for your purposes.

We’ve taken the best parts of the most desirable tube amplifier set-ups and broken them down into individual components.

You can mix and match specific sound characteristics in intriguing ways that would otherwise by physically improbable, probably impractical, and definitely not cost effective.

On-board, post-EQ is included to give you optimum control.

A custom footswitch actuator provides smooth, silent engagement of the circuitry because the buffered bypass ensures no high frequency signal loss through long cable lengths.

As your needs change and as your imagination flourishes, SansAmp GT2 gives you the freedom and opportunity to explore, create, build and rebuild your sound.

With each Tech 21 product, the controls are designed to give you the flexibility to obtain your desired sound.

It is our hope that the SansAmp GT2 will be a useful tool for stimulating your creativity and, ultimately, providing the inspiration to play your best.


Run the output of SansAmp GT2 directly into the input of the power amp input, because this will bypass the tone coloring section of the pre-amp.

Otherwise, run SansAmp GT2 into the front input of an amp.

Be sure to keep the Level of SansAmp GT2 close to unity gain, so as not to overload the amp’s input, which could result in undesirable distortion.

TIPS for setting up your amp when using the front input:
1. Plug into low gain channel or input.
2. Turn off the Bright switch.
3. Turn presence control (if applicable) to 12 o’clock or below. 4. Set tone controls as flat as possible.


Run the output of SansAmp GT2 into the input of a power amp with an input sensitivity of -10dB to 0dB. Then use the master volume control of the power amp to adjust your stage volume.


You can plug directly into the input of a mixer/recorder and use the on-board sounds of SansAmp GT2.

Bear in mind full-range systems yield a wide frequency response. Therefore, we suggest you start with the EQ levels of SansAmp GT2 at 12 o’clock and increase/decrease to taste.



Each of the three positions affects multiple dimensions of the personality traits inherent to each amplifier type.

This switch is not simply an EQ change, nor does it just affect the gain structure.

Each amplifier type has its own tonality and its own input sensitivity. Each reacts differently to the dynamics of the player and to the signal level of the instrument.

TWEED = Fender®-style  BRITISH = Marshall®-style CALIFORNIA = Mesa/Boogie®-style

There are demos and suggested configurations for the GT2 here.

Requires 9V battery ( not supplied) or 9V DC centre negative supply. Draws approx 4ma


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