Mantic Effects Hivemind Fuzz


Mantic Effects Hivemind

Fuzz box with added octave function that brings in signal 2 octaves below. Mix the two and hey presto!

Requires 9V DC centre negative supply

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Mantic Effects Hivemind

The Mantic Hivemind is Mantic Conceptual’s clone of DODs buzz box.

It’s back!

The Mantic Hivemind is a replica of the FX33 Buzz Box which attempts to emulate the guitar sound of Melvins guitarist and singer King Buzzo.

The FX33 is basically a ProCo Rat distortion driving a vintage MXR Blue Box.

Marketing this with the tag line “It’s not broken, it’s supposed to sound like that.” and it was always an individual sound.

One of designer Jason Lamb’s true cult classics, this disgusting effect pairs a fuzzy 2 octave down square wave with a hissing distortion and rounds out with a variable LPF.

This octaver takes the distortion signal then takes it down two octaves, so producing an extreme fuzz sound.

This is then be mixed with the “normal” distortion sound.

So you can just use the sub octave or just the distortion , or a mix of the two

The lower octaves can make the the sound really big and then at extreme setting becomes almost synth like, but still quite gritty

Each unit’s finish is a little bit different as the yellow paint is applied individually.


The controls are fairly standard with the exception of the 15MB

  • Hi
  • Lvl
  • Dist
  • 15MB knob: This controls the the octave down effect.

Above the 12th fret yields you get grinding lead tones and everywhere below will bring overtones and arpeggios.

Additional information

Analogue or Digital





10 mA



Pedal Type

Fuzz, Octave

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium







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