Getting To Know AC Noises

At Guitar FX Direct, we love introducing new effects pedals to guitar lovers in the UK. Whether you’re an industry expert, seasoned gigging musician or dedicated amateur, we’re committed to providing new brands and the best sounds. And the latest on that list is AC Noises, an exciting effects pedal company based in Italy. But what sets them apart in an increasingly oversaturated effects pedal market?

Humble beginnings

Andrea and Claudia are an Italian couple whose passion for music and art is at the heart of AC Noises. But there’s far more to the story than that alone. For almost ten years, Andrea worked as a music composer and sound designer – creating sounds for the likes of TV documentaries, advertising and animation.

In these roles, he used plug-ins, virtual instruments and other digital tools to create various soundscapes. But that wasn’t enough. “I wanted to create my very own sounds,” said Andrea, “so I approached electronics with that purpose. And then I become totally addicted to that. When I realised all the possibilities that electronics offers, I started to think that maybe, combining that with my experience both as a music / sounds composer and music listener, I could build interesting stuff.”

But it was his partner, Claudia, who provided that much-needed push into the world of pedal production. “I was looking at Andrea’s boutique pedals – the ones from other companies that he was having on his board at the time – and then I asked: ‘Since you’re in to those things, why don’t we start a pedals company too?’” Claudia recalls.

With the impact of the economic crisis still lingering in Italy, it’s fair to say it was a brave suggestion by Claudia – a professional photographer and illustrator in the fashion industry at the time. But a few years on, the two are business partners, with their own selection of impressive effects pedals.

 Building the first pedal

“My first pedal was a very simple tremolo project on veroboard. Three knobs only – volume, depth and rate,” explains Andrea. The result? “Nothing too special, but it actually came out nice and worked at the first try.” Since then, AC Noises has produced numerous effects pedals – from dynamic overdrive to powerful fuzz – each developed and assembled by Andrea. Here is the first version of the Ama pedal.

And it’s their spring reverb, the AMA, that’s grabbed most of the attention. With an analog oscillation and bit crusher, AMA allows users to create completely new soundscapes and atmospheres. It works perfectly with any kinds of instrument – from bass guitars to the human voice – and even includes extreme reverb settings, by turning both the mix and reverb knobs fully clockwise. Stop press: The AC Noises Ama reverb has now been updated to version 2 – below

AC Noises Ama V2

Contrasting favourites

 So, where does a company AC Noises find inspiration? With two distinct sides of the operation – Andrea developing and Claudia on design – there’s an interesting contrast in their favourite pedals on the market. Andrea lists Dr. Scientist, Old Blood Noise and Adventure Audio as his favourites, for their weird and experimental approach. On the flip side, it’s the likes of DrNo and TOMKAT that appeal to Claudia.

But one thing they don’t disagree on is the quality of products at AC Noises and the appeal to music lovers worldwide. “We were pretty sure about the quality of our products since the beginning of our journey, of course. But we honestly didn’t expect to sell them in almost every continent,” explains Claudia.

Andrea echoes this: “The fact that a small company located in a small country is slowly taking its place – it means that many musicians out there are still focused on high quality and that’s a good thing for sure – not only for AC noises only but for music in general.”

Looking to the future

After 18 months of business, and the likes of Matt Pike (Sleep) and Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) already working with their pedals, the ambitious partners are feeling hopeful about the future. “The appreciation from dealers and customers is paying off all the hard work and effort that we always put on our pedals. So, we’ll do our best to continue in this way.”

Andrea even hints at some exciting future releases: “We’re currently working on a couple of new projects. One of these is kind of imminent, while the second one will be released during late 2018 / early 2019. Anyway, both will be something special. I promise.”

After building some fuzz and distortion products, Andrea and Claudia are now focusing on reverb products and have introduced the Respira – a shimmer reverb with a low frequency oscillator tremolo at the back end

AC Noises Respira Reverb and Tremelo Pedal

AC Noises pedals are certainly getting noticed – interesting to see that Adam Prendergast (currently working with Harry Styles) has been using the Ama reverb.

Something special for you

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