AC Noises Ama V2 Reverb


This is version 2 of the AC Noises Ama Reverb, with oscillator (LFO) and bit crusher. Its reverb is sweet, with the LFO and bit crusher adding atmosphere and drama.

Oscillator, Mix, Reverb, Ramp, Resolution, Crush, and Sample Rate controls give real flexibility over your sound.

This handbuilt  true by-pass pedal draws approx 100 mA from a 9V centre negative power supply


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AC Noises Ama

Built by hand in Italy, AC Noises Ama is an Italian verb which means “love”.

The first version of this effect pedal, released in early 2018,  quickly became the top seller in the AC Noises catalogue.

The Ama is used by many alternative, post-rock, for instance, Shoegaze and ambient artists. It also features in the gear encyclopaedia “Pedal Crush”.

What is in version 2?

The Ama has four different control parameters for the reverb (OSC, MIX, REVERB and RAMP) and two for the re-worked bit crusher.

The bit crusher is placed after the reverb and is controlled by the  RESOLUTION and SAMPLE RATE knobs.

The bit crusher has an internal trimmer which controls the effect’s gate and we suggest leaving that as it comes from the factory.


The AC Noises Ama has these controls:

  • Oscillator
  • Mix
  • Reverb
  • Ramp
  • Crush
  • Resolution
  • Sample Rate


One of the new features offered by the V.2.

In the first version, the reverb oscillator was only switchable (ON/OFF) and it was strictly related to the decay.

Now things have changed.

The OSC knob allows you to decide how much oscillation is on the reverb tail. From no oscillation at all to the wonderfully noisy self-oscillation mode, the Ama creates amazing reverbs.


The MIX knob controls the balance between the dry and wet signal and turning clockwise increases the amount of reverberated signal.


The REVERB knob controls the decay length. Turning it clockwise, the reverb tail will become longer (and vice versa)


One of the most exciting features of the AMA v2 because the RAMP foot switch is related to reverb’s oscillator. Its work speed depends on the OSC knob setting. More closed will be the OSC knob, slower will be the oscillator ramp.


This engages the bit crusher circuit placed after the reverb.


This controls the amount of the oscillation pulse. Turning it clockwise, the pulses widen and the signal will be noticed as less crushed.


This is the bit crusher’s internal oscillation frequency and turning it clockwise increases high-frequency oscillation and gives a brighter sound.

Another new feature offered by this new version of the AMA is an expression input that connects to the sample rate. This allows you to bypass the knob and control the frequency’s cut by using an external expression pedal (10k value recommended – so most of the expression pedals on the market).

The AC Noises AMA pedal is a true bypass pedal,  whose switching system is managed by a soft switch and programmed relay.

If you want a reverb pedal with tremolo as well, AC Noises’ sister product the Respira is for you

Power: 9v centre negative.
Current draw: 100 mA minimum

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 6.5 × 5.5 cm
Analogue or Digital



Grey, Pink


100 mA



Pedal Type

LFO, Reverb

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium







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