Keeley Electronics Eccos Delay & Looper


Sporting up to 1.5 seconds of beautiful stereo tape delays, the Eccos creates everything from classic vintage slapbacks to modulated ping-ponging dreamscapes. Also has a full feature stereo looper.

Requires 9V DC centre negative supply. Draws apprise 115 mA

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Keeley Electronics Eccos

The Keeley Electronics Eccos delay and looper is Keeley Electronics’ first venture into high-powered Digital Signal Processing.

Because they have spent almost 4 years customising and meticulously refining their Dream DSP platform, they’ve managed to create nothing short of a delay and looper masterpiece.

Tape-Flanged Delay Trails.

That’s what makes the Eccos delay pedal unique because it is a new style of tone-modulation that isn’t pitchy. It’s the sound of just the echoes being flanged with vintage reel-to-reel tape decks.

The shape and tone of your repeats are constantly changing, creating lush movement to your delay trails!

Listen as your delay trails move with flanged tonalities that are beautifully filtered and sound tone-modulated, not just pitch modulated.

Simply adjust the Rate and Modulation parameters to hear the flanged delay trails mixed with your pure analog blended guitar. Modulation without undue pitch bending.

Sporting up to 1.5 seconds of beautiful tape-flanged and vibrato-modulated stereo tape delays, Eccos will create everything from classic vintage slapbacks to worlds of modulated ping-ponging dreamscapes.

But that’s not all. Eccos can also be used as a full-blown stereo looper with creative features such as Reverse, Half-Speed and One-Shot, making this compact pedal a true performance powerhouse.

And with expression control, remote bypass, 3 presets, analog-dry-through, kill-dry, and a ridiculously low power-draw at only 115mA, this pedal is sure to add immense flexibility and gorgeous sounds to any rig.

Keeley Electronics Eccos features:

  • Studio-quality delay with tape flanged modulation
  • 3 memory presets, subdivisions, trails, runaway feedback
  • Huge array of tone and time-based controls with the Alt Hold feature
  • Full-featured Looper with reverse and half-speed loop effects
  • 2 minutes of looping in mono, 60 seconds in stereo,
  • Endless layers of recording!
  • True-Bypass and Tap Tempo on-board or remotely with any style pedal-switcher
  • Expression pedal assignment over any parameter and in any direction
  • Pro Rig designed, remote control thru 1/4″ jacks for live use with pedal switcher systems
  • 100% analog dry signal, audiophile designed input to output
  • Stereo True-Bypass/Trails, switchable on the fly
  • 9 Volt DC, 115 mA low-current design
  • Made in Edmond, USA

Primary Controls:


Delay time can be manually set from 5ms to 1.5 seconds.


Adjusts effect level, blend in delay with your clean guitar tone.


This controls the rate or speed of your 5 modulated delay trails. Setting this slow will create
slightly comb filtered delays. Fast rates can be used to get rotary speaker effects. The sine wave LFO
modulation goes from 0 to 15 Hz.


Depth of Delay Modulation, up to 13ms. Set high to achieve chorus-like modulations. Turning the depth to zero produces a clean delay tone.


Adjusts the number of delays or repeats. FDBK is also a push-button switch. Tap the FDBK knob once to enter preset selection mode. Press and hold FDBK to access secondary controls like TONE or REGEN, or use the MODE select new tempo subdivisions. Quickly double-tap the FDBK knob to switch between Looper and Delay modes. You can even use your foot while playing live!

Secondary Controls:

MANUAL (Flanger Time)

Subtly changes the delay time of the flange. Ranges ~0 – 13ms. With longer times, the delays become more chorused. Set at minimum by default.

VIBE (Modulation Style)

Flanged delay trails are created by producing two repeats that are blended together. The VIBE knob controls the clean portion of your delays. Turn CCW for pitch vibrato then CW for flanging repeats. Set at max by default.


Tone control for the repeats. Set it high for a sweet high-pass sheen and lower for a warm, tape-style high-end roll-off. Set at noon by default.


(Flanger Regeneration) – Controls the amount of flanger feedback. Increasing this control will give you deep flanging effect for your delays. Set at minimum by default.


Like all secondary controls, hold down the FDBK knob. While the knob is held
down, toggle the mode switch to set delay-time subdivisions: Quarter, Dotted Eighth, Eighth, or Triplet. The Status LED will blink the current subdivision while FDBK is held down. Set at quarter note by default.

You can see the Keeley Eccos in action here.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 12.3 × 6.8 × 5 cm
Analogue or Digital



White, Black


115 mA



Pedal Type

Delay, Looper

Power Connection Type

Centre Negative

Silicon or Germanium




EAN 13







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