Catalinbread designs and hand-builds “mechanisms of music” in their home city of Portland, Oregon. And, since being founded in 2003, they’ve built up something of a reputation as leaders of the Boutique Guitar Pedal industry.

But, what exactly is it that sets Catalinbread apart from the crowd? And do they deserve a place on your pedalboard? Read on as we take a closer look at Catalinbread and why their products are so special…

Catalinbread Guitar Pedals

When you’re searching for an effects pedal, you want to know exactly what it can give you. What is it going to add to your sound?

Catalinbread makes it simple, with four distinct pedal series available:

  • Foundation Overdrive – delivering the classic tube amplifier distortion
  • Delay & Reverb – recreating nostalgic echoes and reverberations
  • Boost, Fuzz & Distortion – pedals that each defy belief with their unique sound and feel
  • Modulation – perfect your sound with flanging, tremolo and BBD delay

Searching through Catalinbread’s extensive range of pedals, you’ll soon realise that they’re committed to recreating iconic sounds. It’s far more than just sound effects, which many manufacturers settle for.

The Echorec is the perfect example. Its multi-head drum echo defined the sound of Pink Floyd in the 1970s. Catalinbread have managed to squeeze this into a stompbox without losing one inch of quality.

In the Foundation Overdrive series, you’ll find the Dirty Little Secret. Early 70s rock and roll was shaped by the power of Marshall stacks. This pedal again manages to pack that quintessential sound into a standard stompbox. It transforms any amplifier into a powerful stack and immediately transports guitarists back four decades with a supercharged core sound.

Introducing the Belle Epoch  

Nothing epitomises Catalinbread’s love of iconic sounds more than their commitment to the Echoplex. With a range of Belle Epoch pedals, they have provided modern day guitarists with the highly sought-after tape delay that defined so much of 1970s music.

Eddie Van Halen, Queen’s Brian May and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page are just a few prominent Echoplex users. And, while you’ll struggle to get your hands on an original EP-3, Catalinbread have delivered what’s thought to be the closest replica possible with the Belle Epoch.

Authentic repeat decay, record level control and self-oscillation are nailed on, which is the consistent in the Belle Epoch Deluxe echo unit. Their latest addition is the Epoch Pre, another exact EP-3 replica. The amazing Preamp Buffer acts as a master fader plug-in, amplifying every facet of the pedalboard.

High quality to boot

In tandem with their nostalgic ethos, Catalinbread has become renowned for the high quality of its gear. Premium components, cutting edge innovation, perfect tone and impressive durability – they deliver it all time after time. It’s this unique combination of pioneering vision and expert execution that makes their products the pedals of choice for everyone from professionals and studios to serious amateurs and gigging musicians. People who know and love the industry.

The best boutique effects pedals

At Guitar FX, we tirelessly search for the latest and best pedals available. And Catalinbread is just one of the amazing brands on offer. Our extensive hand-picked range of guitar pedals has something for every style, ability and taste in the UK and across Europe. Take a look at our full range today to find the perfect effects pedal for you.

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